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Venusian Rhythms Morning Star 40 day Meditation Journey

February 2 @ 12:00 am - March 14 @ 12:00 am EST


Welcome, Friends!

Thank you for your consideration to join another Venusian group meditation here at The Dancing Soul.


After all the journeys we’ve breathed, listened, and chanted together, I never tire of walking beside you for the greater good of self and community.

We’ll journey together in an oracular space for 40 days  ( New Moon/Imbolc portal of February 2 – the Waxing Moon portal of March 14, 2022 ) with collective devotion to Venus and our creative life.


Each day we will meditate/chant with a pre-recorded Venus Devotional Meditation chanting the mantra Om/Aum. You’ll also receive the Venus Oracle Divination I divined for this journey of Morning Star phase, and sound musings and reflections along the way for the Venus Moon conjunctions.


There’s something quite unique that happens when we spend time with the same sound current of our voice each day for a 40 day transformational journey with Venus, the Moon, and story as our guide.


Each day we show up to embody the same meditation/mantra but, as we are never the same from one day to the next, there’s a special magic that allows us to meet ourselves where we’re at each day.

This is where we weave the magic of Sun and Moon, light and dark, the Yang container with the Yin embodied flow. It’s an experience that can’t be put into words, but only somatically practiced.

We’ll chant an 11 minute mantra, Om/Aum, to connect, honor, and invoke the experiential wisdom and magic of our crown and the visionary aspects within our mind and imagination.

All woven with the sound healing backdrop of my instruments, in our greatest devotion for all the ways Venus and Innana, in this Morning Star time, teach us about our descent, underworld journeys… birth, life, death, and rebirth. Bringing refinement, artistry, boundaries, pressure to grow, death of the old, and a spell casting of our own unique beauty, sound, and creations to life.


We stand in a new Venus 19 month synodic cycle. We will weave with her through the first and second Venus Moon dances/gates to embody stripping away false illusions of authority/connections to our divinity, and false illusory powers we give to magic, visions, and manifestation without real action behind them.



We will weave sound as a casting of the magic we bring and utilize in our life. Becoming more and more comfortable with the sound of our own voice, which no doubt ripples into every aspect of speaking and communicating on all levels, in all our relations.




Cauldron of the Rose members please use your coupon code included in your recent email for 22% off this journey.

In addition to the daily mantra sound healing meditation, I will post sound musings on our private meditation page for the first and second gates with Venus and the Moon during our journey. These musings will be in relation to Venus’ journey and her timeline as it unfolds during our time together.

You’ll have the mantra audio recording, divination, Venus Moon Dance gate calendar, reflections, and sound musings that live here in your account. Do it whenever it works for you on the daily. And sharing in our Facebook group can be spontaneous should you feel called.


I share these meditations, sound musings, and Venusian lunar ways in connection to Innana’s mythology, Hermetic magic, the cycles laid out in the book, The Light of Venus, the Tarot, and the Tree of Life as we journey along together in our Venusian Rhythms Meditations in 40 day increments + a 90 day journey during her underworld phase with Ereshkigal.




That’s pretty much it. If you feel called to join I trust you’ll know. I hope we’ll gather in a guided sound alchemy meditation together to send our sound current and Venusian lunar heart intentions out to the world.


February 2 @ 12:00 am EST
March 14 @ 12:00 am EST
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Tanya Clark
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