40 Day Meditation For Self Confidence/Discipline

Welcome, Friends, to another transformational 40-day meditation.



We’ll journey with pranayama (aka breathwork), using Breath Of Fire.

We’ll stoke our digestive fire, build confidence, and develop the graceful discipline to dissolve old habits and patterns.



Our Navel center/Solar Plexus kept us alive in our mother’s womb when our lungs did not yet have prana (breath/life).



When we choose to consciously work with this center, along with the breath, we can see benefits in many areas of life from improved lung capacity to greater emotional resiliency.


If you’re feeling stuck in any area of life this breath could benefit you.



Our meditation will carry us through the Spring Equinox making it perfect for this time of year.

New life is stirring, the days are growing longer, the seeds we planted for the New Year are taking root, and this alchemy requires our care, attention, and inspired action.


Let the internal spring cleaning sweep away old habits/energies no longer serving our lives… making room for us to wildly and boldly display and care for ALL the things we love and dream of in life!

Benefits of Breath Of Fire


  • * Cleansing for lungs, digestion, cardiovascular system, and other tissues.

  • * Improves lung capacity and strength.

  • * Strengthens and Balances the Nervous System.

  • * Strengthens the navel chakra (energy center) to enhance discipline, confidence, trust, self-esteem, intuition, and emotional regulation.

  • * Reduces impulsive habits, emotions, and actions

  • * Strengthens the Immune System and the Digestive System



“Breath of Fire expands your aura, your personality, your power of projection, and you expand your life.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

Over our time together you’ll tap into the infinite courage within you.


Committing to your wellness for 40-days is huge AND will serve you well in life. This is meant to be fun, challenging, and insightful.


YOU ARE WORTH showing up for yourself! 



You’ll receive:


* 11 Minute Daily practice video (Do at your convenience) 


* Private Facebook Portal for support and connection


* Daily Love Notes for inspiration and connection in our private Facebook community portal. 

* Sound Healing Sweets & Treats for Your Relaxation Needs


Want to deepen your 40~Day Journey with weekly ONLINE Kundalini Yoga? The kind where you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home? 😉


* I’ve created an added offering. Take 6 ONLINE Kundalini Classes with me + unlimited access to the recordings for one week for an extra $89 (A $102 value)


* Classes are held Friday’s 10:15am-11:30 am. Can’t make it live? I’ve got you… recording available by Friday evening with weekly access.


A little chat about our 40-day journey with Breath Of Fire

Sample ONLINE Weekly Kundalini Class

Love Letters from other Meditators!

So much growth, so much courage, so much love!

I hope to journey with you on this next one friend!

Sat Nam, Tanya

40 Day Meditation For Self Confidence/Discipline

Meditation Starts on the Full Moon, February 19, 2019, and we'll journey through March 31, 2019

Choose your tier and I'll see you on the mat...

* 40-Day Meditation ($44)

* 40-Day Meditation + 6 ONLINE Kundalini Classes ($133 )


*** 40-day meditation $44 + one month access to Monthly Kundalini Portal $22 is also an option for $66. I didn't plan it but some have purchased it to explore and deepen their journey with full yoga practices/access to all media content on site.

I'm looking forward to being with you through these 40 days of transformation, insight, and growth.


*** CART CLOSES February 18, 2019 ***


Sat Nam, Tanya


Your 40 Day Journey Includes

11 Minute Daily Meditation Practice Video

Private Facebook Group For Daily Support and Accountability

Sharing of Sound Meditations For Your Relaxation Needs

Daily Love Notes for Inspiration and Growth

VIP Offering ~ 6 ONLINE Kundalini Classes w/Unlimited One Week Recording Access

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