40 Day Meditation To Calm Tension

Welcome, Friends, to another transformational 40-day meditation.



We’ll explore our voice chanting Long Sat Nams.

“The simplest and most basic meditation in Kundalini Yoga is chanting long SAT NAM’s. This is a simple, elegant, and extremely relaxing Kundalini Yoga meditation.~ Yogi Bhajan


This meditation is brilliant for neutralizing tensions/stress + can induce peaceful states + help one sleep better if done in the evening… basically, it’s a magickal zen gem!


Chanting mantra can help us change/shift habitual patterns/habits by introducing new sound vibrations through our voice using sacred sound.


We’ve all experienced the stories/worries our minds can take us on, how words can make us feel crappy or amazing! Here, for 40 days, we’ll introduce a new sound, plant a new seed through the projection of the Mantra, Sat (Truth) Nam (Name) connecting us to a greater Universal Truth that is bigger than our minds.


This can connect us to who we are outside of all our stories, history, relationships, jobs, etc. Who were you before the world told you who to be? What do you feel/think/desire apart from what others in your life say? 



When we choose to consciously work with our voice, we can see profound shifts in how we navigate insecurities, challenges, and stressors. You may find it easier to have those difficult conversations or make those decisions without hesitation because well, you’ll discover you totally rock at this Earth walk. 


In my experience, showing up for myself in meditation on the daily is the ultimate game-changer in life! Every aspect of your life will benefit from your commitment!!!



Lastly, working with my own voice has turned out to be one of my greatest allies. It’s a beautiful doorway to opening deep meditative states that grow to be a part of everyday life, creating more space between the thoughts, even long after my meditations are over.


If you’re feeling confusion/stress/tension in your life or sense you could use some time to connect to who you are outside of who the world tells you who you should be, this meditation could benefit you.


Benefits of

The Call of the Soul – Long Sat Nams to Neutralize Tension


  • * Reduces Tension/Calm Inducing

  • * Improves lung capacity through chanting.

  • * Strengthens and Balances the Nervous System by linking breath and mantra.

  • * Improve Sleep when done before bed.

  • *Can reconnect us to our Truth (Who we are before the world told us its view)



“The simplest and most basic meditation in Kundalini Yoga is chanting long SAT NAM’s. This is a simple, elegant, and extremely relaxing Kundalini Yoga meditation.~ Yogi Bhajan

Over our time together you’ll tap into the infinite courage within you.


Committing to your wellness for 40-days is huge AND will serve you well in life. This is meant to be fun, challenging, and insightful.


YOU ARE WORTH showing up for yourself! 



You’ll receive:


* 11 Minute Daily practice video (Do at your convenience) 


* Private Facebook Portal for support and connection


* Daily Love Notes for inspiration and connection in our private Facebook community portal. 

* Sound Healing Sweets & Treats for Your Relaxation Needs


Want to deepen your 40~Day Journey with a Kundalini Yoga class practice? The kind where you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home? 😉


I’ve created an added offering including the 40-day meditation + access to my monthly Kundalini Portal where you can explore full yoga practices and all content on site. (new content added monthly).


40-day meditation ($44 ) + monthly access to my Monthly Kundalini Portal ($22) = $66.

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A little chat about our 40-day journey with Long Sat Nam.

Sample of our Mantra Meditation


Sample of a Kundalini Portal Recorded Class

Love Letters from other Meditators!

So much growth, so much courage, so much love!

I hope to journey with you on this next one friend!

Sat Nam, Tanya

40 Day Meditation To Calm Tension

Meditation Starts on the New Moon, April 5, 2019, and we'll journey through May 15, 2019


Choose your tier and I'll see you on the mat...


* 40-Day Meditation ($44)

* 40-Day Meditation ($44) + Monthly Kundalini Portal ($22) = $66

I'm looking forward to being with you through these 40 days of transformation, insight, and growth.


*** CART CLOSES April 3, 2019 ***


Sat Nam, Tanya


Your 40 Day Journey Includes

11 Minute Daily Meditation Practice Video

Private Facebook Group For Daily Support and Accountability

Sharing of Sound Meditations For Your Relaxation Needs

Daily Love Notes for Inspiration and Growth

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