40 Day Meditation~Connect To Higher Self/Guidance

Welcome to your transformational

40-day meditation journey.



Connect to your Higher Self to gain clarity and guidance.

“The complete individual form of the Adi Mantra immerses you in awareness and guidance for your personal situation. It establishes a guiding beam between you in your immediate state and your higher consciousness that is true through all states.” ~ Yogi Bhajan


This meditation is a great place to initiate and/or deepen the connection to your Higher Self/Soul. You know, for those times you wander off on this wild human ride! ?


We may seek/receive advice and tools from outside sources, and this is the beauty of connection/community, but ultimately, the decisions and actions steps will always need to come from within.


If we don’t have a solid foundation of self-esteem, from my personal experience, it’s hard to trust what our intuition shows us, and this often leads to a continuous seeking outside to find the answers/solutions to your life/questions.

It can become an endless loop… Ask me how I know… 😉


Your commitment to meditation can help stop this cycle and bring you home to your inner knowing. Chanting sacred sounds (aka, mantra), can help release habitual patterns/habits by introducing new sound vibrations into your life and being.


This mantra (watch the video below) connects directly to our inner wisdom/compass and our personal Divinity, that which comes from within and no one can take from us!


In my experience, showing up in meditation on the daily is the ultimate game-changer in life! Every aspect of your life will benefit from your commitment!!!



Working with mantra is one of my greatest allies. It’s a beautiful doorway to opening deep meditative states that grow into everyday life, creating more space between thoughts long after the meditations are over. And perhaps you’ll also find confidence in your expression/voice.


This meditation is for you if you’re lacking clarity in any aspect of life. When we feel we’re a small drop separated from the ocean, chanting Ong Namo is said to connect us back to the endless ocean. Chanting, Guro Dayv Namo “gives us the experience of the wisest sea captains and all of his/her chants/wisdom to guide us to the many ports we are to serve and experience”



Benefits of

Complete Adi Mantra for Individual Meditation


  • * Connect One to Higher Self

  • * Improves Intuition/Trust.

  • * Strengthens and Balances the Nervous System by linking breath and mantra.

  • * Brings Faith and Clarity.

  • *Strengthen your ability to express yourself through chanting/using voice.



Yogi Bhajan said, “Use this mantra in its complete form anytime you have a lack of faith or any similar thing.”

Over our time together you’ll tap into the infinite courage within you.


Committing to your wellness for 40-days is huge AND will serve you well in life. This is meant to be fun, challenging, and insightful.


YOU ARE WORTH showing up for yourself! 



You’ll receive:


* 11 Minute Daily practice video (Do at your convenience) 


* Private Facebook Portal for support and connection


* Daily Love Notes for inspiration and connection in our private Facebook community portal. 

* Sound Healing Sweets & Treats for Your Relaxation Needs


Want to deepen your 40~Day Journey with a Kundalini Yoga class practice? The kind where you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home? 😉


I’ve created an added offering including the 40-day meditation + access to my monthly Kundalini Portal where you can explore full yoga practices and all content on site. (new content added monthly).


40-day meditation ($44 ) + monthly access to my Monthly Kundalini Portal ($22) = $66.

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A little chat about our 40-day journey with Adi Mantra.

Sample of our Mantra Meditation


Sample of a Kundalini Portal Recorded Class

Love Letters from other Meditators!

So much growth, so much courage, so much love!

I hope to journey with you on this next one friend!

Sat Nam, Tanya

40 Day Meditation~Connect To Higher Self/Guidance

Meditation starts in the Lunar Beltane/Full Moon portal of May 19, 2019, and we'll journey through the portal of Summer Solstice before completing on June 27, 2019


Choose your tier and I'll see you on the mat...


* 40-Day Meditation ($44)

* 40-Day Meditation ($44) + Monthly Kundalini Portal ($22) = $66

I'm looking forward to being with you through these 40 days of transformation, insight, and growth.


*** CART CLOSES May 18, 2019 ***


Sat Nam, Tanya ❤️ 


Your 40 Day Journey Includes

11 Minute Daily Meditation Practice Video

Private Facebook Group For Daily Support and Accountability

Sharing of Sound Meditations For Your Relaxation Needs

Daily Love Notes for Inspiration and Growth

Deeper Soul Offering ~ Monthly Portal Access for Full Classes

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