Golden Whistle Breath Guided Sound Healing Meditation


Join in ritual meditation and immerse yourself in the mystical wisdom of Grandmother Moon.



This is a self paced meditation. You may do it every day or whenever you feel called.


Join in daily meditation ritual for ALL Sentient beings to drink in and sound in the new Golden Aquarian Age.


The video is pre-recorded and you practice once per day at your own convenience.


In this meditation, the daily work ripples into the whole of the World.


Invite ritual into your life, remember your magick, tap into your inner resources, and change the way you show up in the world.



Your Journey Includes:



* One Daily Pre-Recorded Meditation Ritual

In this practice we are utilizing our pranic body with, Whistle Breath, golden visualizations for the highest good, and the star songs of my crystal alchemy bowls. This daily video lives here onsite in your account dashboard



* Private Facebook Temple for connection and support.



* Beach Sound Healing Recording Bonus





In my experience, bringing intentional ritual into our life adds a depth and richness to our inner and outer worlds!



Every aspect of your life will flourish from your magickal commitment!!!



Physical Benefits of Whistle Breath


* Relaxing and Calming


* Cooling Breath


* Stimulates Vagus Nerve through rounded lips, enhancing feelings of compassion and joy


* Promotes elevated moods


* Eases Stress




Meditation Divination…


A mystical tid bit, after I created this meditation, I pulled a Tarot card for the magickal essence of the journey.


The Queen of Pentacles stepped forward. Bathing us in her grounded and golden frequency. Her wisdom acquired on this Earthwalk, dance with Gaia, and her honoring of the elementals, brings balance and harmony within and without.



I was totally envisioning our golden whistles and this symbiotic dance with all of Nature, this union between the spiritual and physical!


Rose and Moon Magick afoot!



Sample of Our Moon Meditation, Golden Whistle Breath

Golden Whistle Breath Guided Sound Healing Meditation

Meditation Is Pre-recorded and done at your convenience


Moon and Rose Love to you always, Tanya ❤️ 


Your 40 Day Journey Includes

11 Minute Daily Meditation Practice Video

Private Facebook Group For Daily Support and Accountability

Beach Sound Healing Audio Bonus

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