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Moon Rhythms Intuitive Movement Journey


Looking forward to our Moon discoveries together! Product purchase note will have details about scheduling.

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Moon Rhythms Intuitive Movement Journey

Have you ever wondered how the Moon’s cycles connect to your body, movement, emotions, and inner rhythms?

I’ve always had a love of movement, dance, and how nature connects to us through this physical body temple.

When I was eight years old, I begged my father to sign me up for this monthly subscription that sent exercise and lifestyle cards each month. I mean for an eight-year-old to feel so deeply connected to something is divine inspiration indeed.

I have always had this love of movement and the body. Dance was my minor in college and has been a part of my sacred work for 20 years. I have an extensive background in movement modalities including dance, Pilates, Exercise Science, and Neurofascial science and Neurostrength modalities.



I’ve had a successful private practice for 15+ years helping others come home to their bodies to awaken these internal rhythms of grace, ease of movement, and bliss.

For the first time EVER, I’m opening and extending my private practice beyond word of mouth/referral avenues.


You can now work with me locally or remotely via online technology.


We will tune in together through a beginning meditation to tap into what your body needs at the moment. Through movement modalities, we will strengthen your body, improve your flexibility and agility, and through intuitive dance we will uncover how the moon rhythms move through you

All my moon love to you! 



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