Moon Rhythms Meditation Journey

Welcome to Your Meditation journey.



In this meditation we channel for our Earth Mother, Gaia chanting the mantra, MAA.



The daily we work we do ripples into the whole of the World.



We invite ritual into our life, remember our magick, and change the way we show up in the world.



Our journey looks like this:



*  11 minute pre-recorded meditation ritual chanting the mantra of the Divine Feminine, MAA.

(This video will live here onsite in your account and is yours for life)


* Private Facebook group for connection and support.


* Beach Sound Healing Recording Bonus






In my experience, showing up in meditation/ritual on the daily is a game-changer in life! Every aspect of your life will benefit from your magickal commitment!!!




Benefits of Chanting MAA


  • * Relaxing and Calming

  • * Connection to Divine Feminine within/without

  • * Chanting is empowering for our creative expression

  • * Chanting promotes elevated moods

  • * Eases Stress.

  • * Increased Lung Capacity

  • *Strengthens your voice and throat chakra





Sample of Meditation, MAA


You’ll tap into the infinite courage within you.



Committing to meditation is huge AND will serve you well in life.




YOU ARE WORTH showing up for yourself! 




Moon Rhythms Meditation Journey

I'm looking forward to witnessing your transformation, insight, and growth.


Moon and Rose Love to you always, Tanya ❤️ 


Your 40 Day Journey Includes

11 Minute Daily Meditation Practice Video

Private Facebook Group For Daily Support and Accountability

Beach Sound Healing Audio Bonus

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