Rose Ray Sound Alchemy Meditation

Welcome, Friends!


Thank you for joining in another group meditation here at The Dancing Soul.


After all the journeys we’ve made, I never tire of walking beside you for the greater good.

We’re joining in like minded community for another Global Healing Meditation. Our last one was beautiful. During this time of quarantine, you asked for another meditation, and I’m here to make it happen.

¬†We’ll journey through the next Moon phase with collective intention for loving up on Mama Gaia and all Sentient beings.

Each day we meditate with the pre-recorded Rose Ray Sound Journey.



This meditation is a simpler version of my usual flow. I will not post weekly moon musings and journal prompts.

We’ll join in my Facebook meditation group, The Dancing Soul Meditation Portal, although, it’s not required.

You’ll have the recording that lives here in your account. Do it whenever it works for you on the daily. And sharing in the Facebook group can be spontaneous should any of us feel called.

This allows me to create a container and meditation for us and offer an easy price flow during this time we find ourselves in.

That’s pretty much it. If you feel called to join you’ll know, and we’ll gather in a guided sound alchemy meditation to send our heart intentions out to the world.

A little Behind The Scenes From When I created Our Journey


Our Altar



Altar Creations

Divine Feminine Rose Oracle Guide

Divine Feminine Tarot Ally

Rose Ray Sound Alchemy Meditation

We journey with collective intention from New Moon on 4/22 ~ Dark Moon on 5/21.

The daily meditation is pre-recorded and once purchased you'l find it in your account dashboard here onsite. It will live here for life to utilize whenever you feel the call.

Rose and Moon Love, Tanya


Group Rose Ray Meditation Includes

Private Facebook Group for Support/Connection

Pre-Recorded Daily Meditation For Global Healing

Bonus Beach Sound Healing Meditation

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