The Refresh, Renew and Recharge Retreat




November 12th-14th

on Zoom!


It’s time for some FUN, Movement, Relaxation,
Self- Care and Positive Energy!!
Go on retreat in your own house! Get a babysitter, turn your phone off, find a private room and immerse yourself in a super fun, supportive, safe environment. Learn new ways to take care of yourself, generate healing and relieve stress!  
Meet your guides for this week of self discovery, movement and healing…





Come to as many or few classes as you wish. After each session there will be Q&A with the session provider and community time. Plan for a break in between each session on Saturday. 


You will use the same Zoom link for ALL sessions.


See List of Supplies Needed to participate fully below


Friday, November 12th

6:00-7:30pm Introductions- Opening blessing-Adriana

7:30-8:00pm Chilled Groove- Kerrie 

8:00-9:30pm Sound Healing with Tanya Clark 


Saturday, November 13th

8:00-9:15am MELTed Hatha Yoga- Edya

10:00-11:00am EFT- Stacy

12:00-1:00pm- MELTed Pilates- Hallee

3:00-4:00pm Reset. Release. Restore. – Adriana

5:00-6:00pm 3 Options- MELT with no MELT equipment- Kerrie; MELT Beginner-  MELTed Workout- Amanda

7:00-7:45pm Groove Dance class Kerrie

7:45pm-? Community time


Sunday, November 14th

9:00-10:00am MELTed Restorative Yoga- Edya

10:00-11:00am Ask The Oracle- Amanda

11:00-12:00pm – Closing circle- Closing blessing- Adriana




Introductions- You will have a chance to introduce yourself, where you are from and a fun fact about YOU. Learn a little bit about each of your session providers and set the intention for the weekend.


Needed for session: Journal/notebook, pen


Chilled Groove with Kerrie- A slow movement, easy to follow Groove Dance class.


Needed for session: ALL Optional- Dance shoes or sneakers, scarf, yoga mat, pillow


Sound Healing with Tanya Clark – Sound healing is a holistic modality of creating sound and music as meditation, inspiration. and relaxation. In this session, Tanya will guide you on a dreamy sound journey through the thoughtful use of guided meditation with the healing alchemical rose ray (a healing energy of heart and womb/sacral energy), singing bowls, gong, tuning forks, crystal lyre, chimes, and more, to assist the heart, body, and mind to enter into a dreamy slumber of rest and relaxation.


Needed for Session: Have a pair of headphones or earbuds for an intricate sound experience. Make a cozy comfortable nest on the floor with pillows, blankets, and an eye pillow to assisted the nervous system in relaxing and receiving.




MELTed Hatha Yoga with Edya- MELT makes your yoga practice more Strong, Safe and Serene. In this class, we’ll use MELT rollers and balls to prepare for specific yoga poses, as well as integrating them into the gentle flow itself. You’ll notice the difference right away: a new freedom of movement, a keen awareness of your center, and a deep vibration of breath that travels from your head to your feet. Come prepared to experience your favorite asana in a new way!  


Needed for session: roller, soft ball, large firm ball, yoga mat, large folded towel or yoga blanket, resistance band or yoga strap


Emotional Freedom Technique with Stacy – Release your worries with Emotional Freedom Technique! EFT is a revolutionary method that helps you gain more access to your authentic self as you release anxieties, worries and self-limiting beliefs. In this hour-long class you will learn and practice the technique, bringing you a greater sense of peace, groundedness and connection to self. Come learn a powerful self-care tool, heal your nervous system and help foster your mind/body connection! 


Needed for session: Water, journal, pen


MELTed Pilates with Hallee- MELTed Pilates improves alignment and allows for increased stability and improved mobility – the cornerstones of the Pilates method. When you add MELT to your Pilates mat class, you experience an immediate change in alignment and awareness. In other words, you get to sense how your body feels when it’s in a more ideal state. You also tap into your neurocore, which regulates your body’s reflexive and rooting mechanisms. When your core is working efficiently and your connective tissue is hydrated properly, performance and execution improves. Hallee will teach you to notice a deeper connection in your body and to your Pilates practice. No previous Pilates experience required!


Needed for session: Full MELT Roller, Water, Hand towel


Reset. Release. Restore with Adriana- Begin your journey towards healing on all levels – physical, emotional, energetic, genetic, mental, and spiritual. We must choose to take part in our own healing to achieve balance of the body, mind and spirit. With this awareness, one’s healing process has begun. Join Adriana! Through breath, clearings, activations, and accessing your inner knowing, create more joy, greater ease, and bliss. Takeaway simple steps to integrate into your daily routine strengthening your foundation and connection to your true self.


Needed for session: Journal. H20.


Beginner MELT with no MELT Equipment with Kerrie- Learn some basic MELT moves using homemade props. Learn how to assess your own body for instability and gentle techniques to alleviate pain and tension.


Needed for session: Rolled up yoga mat or blanket, pillows and/or bolster


Beginner MELT Class with Shelley- Join Shelley for a 75 minute MELT Class specifically designed with the Beginning MELTer in mind. We’ll start with a quick overview of the language and techniques of MELT. I’ll lead you through a Mini Soft Ball Hand Treatment and Soft Ball Foot Treatment before we transition to our Soft Foam Roller to experience both Upper Body and Lower Body sequences. I end each class with a short gratitude practice to thank our body, mind and community.  

You’ll discover the magic of the 4 R’s of MELT and leave feeling Reconnected, Rebalanced, Rehydrated and Released.  


Needed for session: MELT Large Soft Ball, MELT Soft Foam Roller, Yoga Mat & Water.


MELTed Workout with Amanda- Using a variety of moves from the MELT Method library, we will be gaining stability in the shoulders, hips and core while incorporating sequences that help reduce stress and instill a sense of whole-body health. Then, we will add some hand weight to make this MELT class a workout!


Needed for session: Water, MELT Soft Roller, MELT Soft Ball, MELT Resistance Band, Hand Weights (or soup cans!)


Groove with Kerrie- Sing along out loud (with microphone muted) and Dance to some super recognizable, fun, lip sync favorites and others! Can’t sing and don’t like to dance? NO WORRIES you will have fun anyway!


Needed for session: ALL Optional- Dance shoes or sneakers, scarf, prop to use as microphone, yoga mat, pillow.


Ask The Oracle with Amanda- Bring a question to this fun Tarot reading!


Community time- unwind with a celebratory drink and/or snacks and enjoy a connected conversation.






Kerrie- $25 off a $100 class card for Groove or MELT classes on Zoom


Amanda- 20% off any Mega-Map MELT Series


Hallee- One Free MELTed Pilates Class on Zoom


Edya- $30 off your first private session and 1 free MELT class or MELTed Yoga Class (all on Zoom)


Adriana- $25 off first private session


Stacy – $30 off your first private session


Tanya- $22 off your first Private Sound Healing Session via Zoom


Shelley- $25 off a $100 class card (good for Zoom MELT Classes) or $25 off first private Zoom session 

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