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Blessings, Beloved Hathorian Rose Artist!



Welcome to the Temple for

Venusian Dreams Sound Alchemy.


Your space for Sound Healing as Dedication, Magick, Art, and Ritual.



Photo By Tanya Clark



I’m thrilled you’re here to deepen into the beauty and art of the Celestial Rose Symphonic realms.


To learn more about Sound Healing for your own health/wellness, ritual, ceremony, and/or to become a Sound Artist, lead Sound Baths, and create offerings for your community.



If you’re already a Sound Healing artist, deepening into our craft is always a beautiful gift to ourselves.



And so here we are…



Photo By Kara Briner



I’ve been listening to the vibrations you’ve been sounding…You’ve entrusted me over these years with your many sound inquiries, and to hold space for you through my digital creations, sound meditations, and in person sessions/offerings.



Our journey through the beauty and art of sound is truly a co-creation between all you’ve asked me about sound, instruments, recording, and expanding beyond this, to all we’ve been weaving over these years, lifetimes, and timelines, knowingly and unknowingly.



Here we are, part of the family of Venusian Rose Sound Alchemists sounding in the New Earth with the infusion of practical magick and grounded sound foundations.



“We are the Hathors. We come in love and with the sounding of a new dream reality for your earth. If you are ready to build the new world, we invite you to join us on a journey of the mind and heart. We are your elder brothers and sisters. We have been with you for a very long period of your evolution on this planet.” ~ The Hathors


Photo by Tanya Clark


We know how incredibly healing and profound music is in our world and lives. There’s a lot of information out there in the world of sound, many things to navigate, frequencies, notes/bowls for chakras/emotions, memes about sound work healing cancer and all kinds of other ailments/virus/disease.



The list goes on and on…



There are practical ways to move through all of this. I’ve been blessed with amazing Sound teachers covering everything from Physics/Science to the Magick of Sound. They’ve all had different ways of working with this information.



I’m grateful they created containers that weren’t restrictive in any way, shape, or form, and we’re grounded in solid foundations which support my developing artistry to thrive.



Approaching our work with artistry, ritual, and intention creates a container where the client can relax into their own body, calm their nervous system, and that’s where magick can happen.



You are your medicine. We are our medicine. They are their medicine.



The creation of safe and thoughtful containers allows space to awaken rhythms of inner bliss.




Our instruments are sacred allies animated by our intention, care, and magick.




You’re a Masterpiece of the Stars my love. You’re your greatest ally as a direct expression of Source itself!



Photo By Kara Briner



It is my greatest joy and honor to be here with you right now to empower you to reclaim the sovereignty that is your birthright as a Venusian Sound Artist.



I’ve personally had some profound experiences with Sound. I can’t say for certain why or how they happened, I’m simply a witness to the beauty and awe of its existence. 



Whether your sound is for your personal experience/work, or you are using it with clients/events, or plan to, I believe dedication, intent, open pathways, practice, humility, and care of our craft provides an endless medium for magick to be expressed and invoked.



Photo By Kara Briner


I’ve always approached music/sound/movement from the beauty, emotional, and artistic realms.


Sound is Art. Sound is Ritual. Sound is Magickal. At least I think so ..



In my experience, bringing intentional ritual art into our sound creations adds a depth and richness that’s palpable. Every aspect of our life flourishes from our Venusian Sound dedications and artistry!!!



Through our journey, you’ll walk away creating art in the realms of the Celestial Rose (our beloved Venus).



Photo By Tanya Clark



I’ve created this container to explore these Rhythms of Sound Alchemy. Whether it be for sound baths, ceremony, ritual, your current work, and/or digital offerings, Sound is a unique gift for Self and community.


Over the years, I’ve deepened in many ways I never expected with sound healing. It has become the foundation for every aspect of my life. It has a way of opening every layer of life, inviting contemplation, review, and revelation. Music/dance were my prep for this work no doubt. It creates a lot of beautiful movement in all aspects of Self.


I’m over the moon to journey over 4 weeks deepening the Venusian essences of our Sound creations. Also infused with really practical and fun foundations of Science happening, techniques, practices, Art of playing, and so much more.





Let’s play in the feminine aspects of exploration…



Let’s create spaces where the feminine guides us in creating what speaks to us, learning by listening to the sounds we create and how it feels. To always be in the space of the student and possibilities, creates a lot of room for magick to happen.



You’ll not be a Master Sound Alchemist after this course, you’ll not learn special frequencies to heal ailments/others, there’s no certification, and you’re studies will continue for life.



You’ll work on becoming your own Master everyday for the rest of your life in the ways you connect, learn from, and create with your sacred instruments.



You’ll learn to embody the artistic music you were born to create. You’ll learn the artistry of your art and your intention is key to this magickal relationship with your sacred instruments.


Photo by Kara Briner


In our time together, I’ll share everything I’ve learned over the years about sound and the beautiful opportunities it provides to create much needed beauty in the world, and to create spaces/offerings to help others relax and discover their inner healing abilities..



We’ll dive into the world of frequency, chakras, notes, harmonies, etc. The more I learn about chakras, notes, and frequencies, the more I realize I can’t say one thing is perfect for everyone.



It’s simply not that simple. And I find that intoxicatingly refreshing in this vast realm.



We’ll dive in to all of this + Science that’s happening now in the realms of sound, the beauty of personal experiences/preferences, playing techniques, subtleties of creating a container, connecting to Venus/Hathors through ritual, sound, mantra, and asana, daily practice/play, the subtle cosmic art of listening, co-weaving with intention, ritual/ceremony and inspiration, guiding journeys, creating rhythms with Grandmother Moon, voice, mantra, toning, Gaia as master sound alchemist, creating digital art, space holding, creating online or in person sound healings for your communities, collaborating with other sound artists, and mostly, how to fully tune into the artistry and beauty of this work, and that’s where our beloved Venus comes in.



In our time together, the Celestial Rose realms we’ll explore will ripple and sound into the whole of the world. Creating a tapestry and symphony of Venusian art that will inspire all the realms.



We invite sound as art and ritual into our life, we offer it to Gaia and our Cosmic Star allies, we remember the magick, tap into our inner symphonies, the cosmic songs, and change the way we show up to share our sound art in the world. 


Photo By Tanya Clark



Our Celestial Dance Includes:


* Week One ~ Grounding the Experience as a Venusian Sound Artist

(Content released Friday, Venus Day, May 1st)

* Frequency/ Notes / Chakras/ Harmonies

* How Crystal Bowls are Made

* Beauty/Freedom within Personal Preference/Anecdotal Evidence

*Play Workshop/Homework



* Week Two ~ Celestial Rose Artistry ~ The Muse

(Content released Friday, Venus Day, May 8th)

* Tapping into the Artistry of our Sounds/Music ~ What is the nature of our relationship to the Muse.

* Venusian and Gaian Rose Song Activations

* Art of Intention, Ritual, and Visions

* Play Workshop/Homework 



* Week 3 ~ Mystical Rose Mediums of Sound

(Content released Friday, Venus Day, May 15th)

* Instruments/Listening as Art

* Voice as High Sound Magick

*Gaia as Master Sound Alchemist

*Play Workshop/Homework



* Week 4 ~ Creating/Weaving The Venusian Sound Temple

(Content released Friday, Venus Day, May 22nd)

* Set up/Combos/ Harmony/ Dissonance Play

* Painting and weaving a Venusian Sound Journey /Guided Meditations

* Creating Digital Recordings

*Play Workshop/Homework



Week 5 ~ Tending The Venusian Sound Temple

(Content released Friday, Venus Day, May 29th)

* Caring For Your Body Temple as Animator of Sound Magick

* Caring for Our Sound Allies

*Creating Art, Ceremony, Connecting, and Tending the Venusian Sound Temple so the Muse can speak through us and our devotions.

*Play Workshop/Homework



* Private Venusian Temple Space for life. Used with intention for our Grounding, Support, Performance, and Play in this Facebook group + more along the way.



All content is yours for life, and the Facebook group is our continued space to explore, learn, and share in a safe container. Our learning in Sound never ends and that is so exciting to know we always have room for expansion in our artistry.


In my experience, bringing intentional ritual and art into your sound creations adds a depth and richness that is palpable on every level!  Every aspect of your life will flourish from your Venusian dedication and artistry!!!


At the end of this journey, my hope is, you’ll flourish in your unique Venusian Sound signatures, and are able to sit with any sound healing instrument that speaks to you, of any frequency or alchemy, and create Venusian Dream songs for all to receive.


It’s also my hope your education and artistry will continue to deepen well beyond these 4 weeks. None of us will become Master Sound healers simply by purchasing bowls, or in a four week period, not even a four year period.



It’s our life long dedication to our love of the subtleties of the symphonic realms and creating containers for others to experience the beauty and profundity of Sound Healing.


I do hope to see you on the other side.



Photo By Tanya Clark



I’m already envisioning and feeling the symbiotic sound dances you are weaving with all of the Cosmos and Gaia. It’s rippling into the very fabric of this Universe.



Venusian Rose and Moon Songs Always,

Tanya Kirin Aina Rose



I’ll share everything I’ve learned about connecting with and creating beautiful Sound Art for yourself, family, and community. More can be found on any of my Social Media channels.


*As you’ll learn with digital sound alchemy, for the following video creative samples, please use headphones or a good external speaker with the volume turned down a bit for best sound quality.


Last video is a little chat about why I’m honored to be here with you exploring the ways we can expand our Sound creations.

Venusian Dreams Sound Alchemy

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I'm looking forward to journeying to create grounded containers and explore the magick of sound with you.

Venusian Rose and Moon Songs to you always,

Tanya ❤️ 


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Our Venusian Journey Includes

Experiences of The Venusian Sound Artist

Celestial Rose Artistry

Mystical Rose Mediums of Sound

Creating & Weaving The Venusian Sound Temple

Private Venusian Temple Space for Grounding, Support, and Play

Tending The Venusian Rose Sound Temple

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