Venusian Rhythms 40 Day Meditation

Welcome, Friends!


Thank you for your consideration to join another group meditation here at The Dancing Soul.



After all the journeys we’ve breathed, listened, and chanted together, I never tire of walking beside you for the greater good of community.



We’ll journey together in an oracular space for 40 days  ( June 28 – August 7, 2022 ).




Each day we’ll meditate with a pre-recorded meditation chanting a sanskrit mantra for the second chakra connecting us in with the element of water.



You’ll receive the Venus Oracle Divination I divined for this journey of Morning Star phase to continue deepening into, you’ll learn about the Venus cycle and the connection to the Sumerian Mythology of Inanna, and how it can help us navigate this cyclical life. You’ll also receive sound musings and journal reflections along the way for the Venus Moon conjunctions and star dances as inspired.




Each day we show up to embody the same meditation but, as we are never the same from one day to the next, there’s a special magic that allows us to meet ourselves where we’re at each day.




The mantra/meditation, VAM (rhymes with gum) we’ll use, is said to have a cleansing energy, which I feel creates an intentional exploration of your own second chakra, our reproductive, relational, sexual desires, and creative energy center. Towards the end of our journey, this mantra will transition us into the exploration of the root chakra, our safety, values, and grounding in the world.







Cauldron of the Rose members please use your coupon code included in your recent email for 22% off this journey.



In addition to the daily meditation, I will post sound musings in our private meditation page for the sixth (sacral chakra) and seventh (root chakra) gates with Venus and the Moon during our journey. These musings will be in relation to Venus’ journey and her timeline as it unfolds during our time together.



You’ll have the meditation audio recording, oracle divination, Venus Moon Dance calendar, reflections, and sound musings that live here in your account. Do it whenever it works for you on the daily, even if it’s not everyday, thats fine too. Sharing in our Facebook group or on our private chat onsite can be spontaneous should you feel called.

Venusian Rhythms 40 Day Meditation

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Venus Meditation Includes

Private chat on our private access page for Support/Connection

Venus Moon Star Dances and Journal Reflections

Pre-Recorded Daily Meditation For Venus Morning Star

Venus Moon Dance Gate Calendar

Song of the Stars Bonus 22 minute Sound Bath Relaxation

Venusian Morning Star Oracle Divination

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