The Dancing Soul

sacred rhythms for the body and soul

Welcome, Beautiful Soul

Connecting to the Muse in deeper ways, expressing authentic creativity everyday. Embodying mystery and magic of body temple, dancing with Sun and Moon creating the cosmic ripple. I’m honored to meet you in this virtual Temple space. A sacred place to remember ancient ways and walk the path of beauty and grace. I’m humbled to journey alongside you in the embrace of Sun and Moon, shadow and light, mind and heart. Together we’ll explore Sound Alchemy, Sacred Rhythms, Divination, and more. My prayer is to be a clear vessel and share practical magic that supports your own embodied remembering. Join me at the Moon Rhythms Rose Altar and let’s Awaken Rhythms of Inner Bliss. In service to the Oracle and Web of Life!

The Sacred Knowing

Join me in the Temple Sanctum that calls to you – where you will find inner beauty, magic, mystery, and harmony.

Sound Healing

Here we remember our songs and expand our senses through Venusian Sound Alchemy.

Sacred Rhythms

Here we gather for Moon Rhythms Intuitive Movement, Moon circles, and Seasonal gatherings to learn the ways of the wax and wane.

Cauldron of the Rose

The Inner Circle membership at the vessel of transformation. Monthly rituals and reflections to manifest harmony in your life.

Moon Rhythms Rose Altar

Meet me at the online altar and Awaken Rhythms of Inner  Bliss through On Demand magic, live online events, and more transformative  tools.

“Thank you, Tanya for being such an amazing instructor. Your knowledge and guidance is truly inspiring and makes me want to learn more. As a professional dancer, I have always felt very connected and aware of my body physically; however, I have always felt some sort of disconnect spiritually. I have started to fall in love with Kundalini Yoga, and your contagious positive energy makes each class that much more enjoyable! I already feel a difference within myself.  A connection between my mind, body, and soul has started, and I can’t wait to see where it takes me. Sat Nam.”


Letters: A journal

Let's awaken rhythms of inner bliss via Movement, Sound, and Meditation

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