Sacred Rhythms

Welcome to the sanctuary where cyclical rhythms awaken and attune.

The movement and shifts with Sacred Rhythms

Each breath a cycle, a rhythm of the life sustaining inhale and exhale. The Sun rising and setting, creating our days and nights. The Moon waxing and waning, guiding the inhale and exhale of the Oceans tides, our watery bodies, and moods. Mama Earth and Father Sun creating their sacred seasonal dance. In this sanctuary, we sync with these natural rhythms, feeling into and creating the art of our own becoming.

Rhythms to Behold

These rhythmic offerings are inspired by Venus cycling through the Evening and Morning Star phases, the Mythology in our ascent and descent, Grandmother Moons waxing and waning, our own inhales and exhales, contractions and expansions, this is where we come home to our spiral nature.

What is Sacred Rhythms?

In this sanctuary, we intuitively drop in to our inner world, move our body in the ways of the wax and wane, the Yin and Yang, exploring the fire and the water of being. Through my 20+ years of movement and soulful explorations such as Pilates, Yoga, Mantra, occult sciences, dance, and Neurofascial studies, my approach to movement is organic and free-flowing. We approach movement as an offering to our body temple. To our lives as a means to clear the vessel, release tension, and ultimately connect to our natural rhythms.

Upcoming Rhythms



Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

If you’re joining or booking a movement session, please wear comfortable clothing that’s easy and free to move in. Have a booster or pillow to sit on if your back tends to be sensitive. Arrive ready to tune into your body’s natural flow.

Do I need to have experience working with the Moon?

Not at all. Through my circles and moon rhythms coaching you tap into what inherent in your being. In our sessions I’ll break it all down in practical ways to apply to your life.

Do I need anything for the Wheel of the Year Sound Ceremonies?

Yes, your earbuds/headphones, a cozy space, and magical items are needed for the spell workings. Once you register, you’ll have the list. I try to keep them simple such a candle, herbs, crystals, for example.

What is the nature of the Oracle and Tarot cards used in the seasonal Sound Divinations?

The Oracle and Tarot decks represent inspirations for our life’s journey. They assist us is embodying the archetypes we ultimately weave with in life. They provide deep intuitive guidance for what is asking to be released, transformed, and embraced. Inspiration is all around us via signs, symbols, dreams, and visions, and divination shows us how to make offerings and embody ourselves in more authentic ways. And often, what arises in divination has already been whispering in your ear throughout your days and nights.

“Thank you again for the replay. I laid On the ground today with the dogs in the sun and soaked it all in. Stretching and releasing And relaxing while Feeling so grounded laying on the ground.”

Kristen Merkle

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