Namaste, Bright Ones! Shhh, I’ve got a little secret for ya, I have a deep affinity for learning and sharing teachings that are not only practical in our fast-paced world but allow us to experience our strength, passion, beauty, and grace in a meaningful way. You’ll find the ways/modalities available for your customized session below. The best advice from my father was to make my passion my career. That is, whatever I would do as a hobby, find a way to make a career out of it. At fifteen years old, his advice changed my life. I’m in love with a few remarkable teachings that have changed the way I dance, move, heal from injuries, deal with physical and emotional stressors, design my life, work with the moon and my inner cycles, and are strengthening my ability to tap into my greatest creativity and potential. I’m excited to share these profound yet applicable tools with you. Lastly, and this is kind of important, there’s a high probability you will fall deeply in love with your body, feel more confident and self-assured, and shine brightly in all your brilliance. Sending infinite love and light to you my loves. Sat Nam!

Moon Rhythms Dance and Yoga


Do you feel the pressure of being pulled in too many directions? Do you struggle with your creative potential? If you could learn tools to help you calm your nerves, reduce stress, clear cluttered thinking, and develop a more meditative state of mind, would you be willing to try? If you answered yes, working with movement and your kundalini energy through yogic techniques may be for you.

Dance is healing and requires NO experience. Kundalini means energy, the creative energy or potential within you. Yoga means to unite or yoke, our breath with our body, our mind with our soul, our being with our potential. These time-honored teachings can help you navigate this high-pressured world with grace, strength, and clarity.

In class you’ll learn to move freely, how the moon and seasonal rhythms reflect within us, chant ancient *Mantras ~ used as sound projections for concentration, healing tissues through vibration, and opens an express lane out of negative/ self-sabotaging thoughts. *Asanas ~ postures to clear stagnant energy in our physical/energetic bodies. Yes, you’ll learn we’re more than a physical body with a brain.  *Pranayama ~ breathing techniques to enhance our ability to utilize/store Prana (life force energy) improving overall health, mental clarity, and vitality. *Mudras ~ hand positions/hand yoga to stimulate areas of our hands which relate to our brain improving physical health and moods. You’ll feel a greater sense of vitality, creativity, and quite possibly fall in love with the true essence of your being. See you on the mat, yogis!


“Dear Tanya, Thank you for getting me started on the Melt Method. It has really transformed my life. I am having fewer fibromyalgia flare ups even though I have had a very busy spring and summer. I purchased the new video shortly after it came out and wanted to let you know It has been very helpful. I continue to enjoy your emails and videos, thank you so much. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you. You got me on the path to a better me. love back to you,” – Virginia



If you could ease your neck and back pain, everyday aches and pains, even injuries, chronic pain, poor sleep, and digestion, would you be willing to try? As a dancer for over twenty years, I was reluctantly beginning to adopt the old adage, “no pain, no gain” and societal views on our body losing vitality and the ability to thrive as we age. I’ve sought holistic practitioners from numerous modalities, name it and I’ve likely had those services, all in an effort to feel better and continue dancing with less pain. After resuming everyday activities, I’d return to my practitioners’ offices seeking relief and expected this pattern for the rest of my life.

Then, I found The MELT Method®, a simple self-treatment technique to ease everyday aches and pains while assisting the tissues in becoming receptive and adaptive to other healing modalities. Win-Win!! We use soft foam rollers on the body and balls on the hands and feet to initiate global improvements to the joints, nervous system, and tissues. That’s not all, through other techniques, including MELT Neuro strength to stabilize the joints, MELT for Pilates to assist a more balanced body and core, you’ll discover a path that makes it possible to recover from injury, improve athletic/fitness performance, experience relief from chronic pain/illness, and improve your overall health and vitality. As an advanced MELT® practitioner and teaching assistant, I’m honored and thrilled to guide you on this journey to becoming pro-active with your self-care routine and experiencing aging can be a blissful ride. See you on the roller, MELTers’.


“MELT is such a simple and effective tool to help relieve the “myo-fascial-muck” and achieve pain-free muscle balance and improved postural alignment.” – Suze

“Melt helps me be aware of my body in more subtle ways.”
– David

Sound Healing


I’m deeply in love with the power quality sound has to heal and deeply nurture us on many levels, including but not limited to our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual layers. I’m honored to share the ancient art of sound vibration using Tibetan singing bowls, Dolphin singing bowls, Crystal Alchemy bowls, Mantras, and other sound healing tools. Sound vibration is a perfect compliment to many other holistic healing modalities and is also used for space and home clearings/blessings. Book a private session in my home, a local healing center, or your home, and cozy up on a celestial cosmic sound journey.

“Sound is not just registered through the ears, but the entire body responds to sound waves. Sound Healing can release emotional blockages easily as well as blocked energy in the Acupressure meridian system. Sound can change skin temperature, reduce blood pressure and muscle tension, and influence brain wave frequencies. You don’t have to be consciously aware of a sound for it to have an effect on you, because sound creates a response in the entire body.”


Moon Rhythms Coaching


I started using, The Moon Is My Calendar, a few years ago and it’s changed how I look at life. I no longer see things in linear form, there’s no endpoint to get to, and I can visually see it all in this calendar journal. I notice my creativity growing over the years, and there’s greater flexibility in my life where it didn’t exist before. I’m flowing with this ever-changing cyclical nature of our existence.I’ve fallen so in love with this calendar, I took April’s first Moon Guide Facilitator Training last year, and I’m now an affiliate for this magickal being and her creation!!! I’m expanding my private practice to include my love of being a moon guide to include Moon Rhythms Coaching.
We set our sacred space first, do a short meditation together to open the intuitive flow of our higher selves before diving into designing/tapping into your best moon life.


Let’s Design Your Personalized Session.
Location Options: The Dancing Soul Studio – PBG or A Local Healing Center here in Jupiter
Your home is also an option for an added price for travel.

Bookings Available for Home/Space Energy Clearing/Blessing/Private Parties/Events/Retreats 
$222/Hour Pay Via PayPal

Remote Skype Sessions: Moon Rhythms Dance/ Yoga/MELT Method/Sound Healing/Moon Rhythms Coaching

Group Classes/Rates on Calender 

Multiple session packages available upon request. Contact me for more information. 



Is A Seaside Spiritual Retreat In Portugal On Your Bucket List? Dancing to the rhythms of the moon, honoring your body temple in yoga/meditation, and going on mystical journeys with the crystalline songs of my alchemy singing bowls? Our location in is “Perched high on a hillside with panoramic ocean views over Luz and Lagos bays, at Quinta Bonita traditional charm and modern luxury blend seamlessly in idyllic surroundings to create a truly unforgettable experience.”


It's time to awaken your rhythms of inner bliss

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