Cauldron of the Rose

Welcome to the cauldron where we embody the art of becoming through transformation and devotion.

The inner circle membership for self healers

This is where the work happens. We become intimate with our life and body. The thorns of the rose guiding boundaries necessary for our own bloom. We embrace the multifaceted and layered art of becoming. The cauldron is the vessel where transformation and our offerings occur. This work, devotion, and space inform and blossom how we tend the altar of not only our lives, but how our devotions ripple out to all Human and Non~Human Life.

Cauldron of the Rose: Membership

The temple’s inner circle membership gives you access to tools of transformation via my On-Demand Moon Rhythms Rose Alter library. Think of this cauldron as the Holy of the Holies in a temple, where the honoring and practice of devotion happens. Available at your own convenience, on any device, tune in to your  body, relate to your nervous system, mind, heart, and ultimately syncing to the Divine rhythms that lead your dance.

What is the Cauldron?

The cauldron is the vessel of transformation. In this monthly membership, you have unlimited access to all sound healing, movement, rituals, and magical workings to support your becoming. Available on any device any time for $22 a month. This cauldron is meant to encourage creating space in your busy life to explore your inner spaces, get to know yourself again in a new way, and to commit to manifesting and inspiring your beauty walk.

What’s Included?


Unlimited movement, dance, tissue explorations via On Demand videos.


Unlimited sound healing temple recordings, mantra, meditation, and sound divinations.


Moon meditation rituals for the phases of the Moon cycle.

New Moon Guidance

New content uploaded every New Moon.

Coming Soon

Guest events, spells, divination, and more practical magic in the creative cauldron.

* Cancel anytime through PayPal automated payments.

Are You Ready to Join the Inner Sanctum of the Cauldron of the Rose?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join Cauldron of the Rose Inner Circle membership?

Click the “Join Now for only $22” tab above takes you directly to the product. Add to cart, create your username /password, check out, and you’re in the Cauldron of The Rose. A welcome email will arrive in your inbox shortly after purchase.

How and where do I access the Rose library?

Upon purchase you’ll be prompted to set up your Dancing Soul account username and password. You’ll receive a welcome email with the link to enter the Temple. If you look above at the Menu navigation tab, you’ll also see “Enter the Temple”. This is where you’ll login to enter the Temple anytime. Simply type in your username and password and the doors open to your virtual Temple dashboard where your purchased products live permanently.

What’s inside the Cauldron?

Over many moons and seasonal dances, I’ve curated a richly layered Moon Rhythms Rose Altar On Demand library, including yoga class archives, movement sessions, Sound Temples, Moon Ceremonies, 40 Day meditations, singing bowl meditations, magic rituals, spells, sound journeys, and more. You can choose a quick 3-10 minute reset, 20 to 30 minute practice, all the way up to full 90 minute recordings. At the Rose altar you tap into your intuition and choose the offering for the Cauldron that suits your needs on any given day.

How am I charged, and can I cancel anytime?

The monthly charge is through PayPal. The card you use to sign up will be charged on the same date each month that you signed up. You can cancel at any time by going to your PayPal automated payments. Once you cancel, you will no longer be charged, and your Cauldron of the Rose inner circle membership will expire that month.

“Thank you for the beautiful class and epic sound journey sister. I loved the earth my body sing-along And that sound session was so good. I was extra twitchy and jerky and all that pent-up Nervous energy just melting away”

Devon Ray Battaglia

The Temple Offerings

Join me in the space that calls to you – where you will find inner peace, strength and harmony.

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Moon Rhythms Rose Altar

Join me in my online Moon and Rose Temple and let’s Awaken Rhythms of Inner Bliss.

Sound Healing

We’ll bliss out through Venusian Sound Alchemy.

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