Moon Rhythms Rose Altar

Welcome to the Moon Rhythms Rose Altar

Thank you for meeting me here at the virtual altar. Where we practice the art of devotion and showing up for our life, relations, lineage, and humanity. Were we meet ourselves over and over again, in new and embodied ways. Weaving between the subtleties of sound and silence, movement and stillness, the Sun and Moon, that’s where you’ll find me on any given day.


Here we are helping one another walk with Sun and Moon as allies and embracing light and shadow in all their glorious medicine. This is the cyclical rose altar with tools of transformation via On Demand circles, meditations, live Zoom gatherings for Moon Rhythms and Wheel of the Year ceremonies, sound journeys, and more. Treat yourself and meet the Divine in the abode of your heart.

Connecting with the Muse in deeper ways,

Expressing Authentic Creativity everyday.

Embodying The Mystery and Magic of Body Temple,

Dancing with Sun and Moon creating the cosmic ripple.


Blessings upon your heart

Thank you for showing up in the world and walking beside me in sercive to past, present, and future generations

Blessed Be

Welcome to the Moon Rhythms Rose Altar

On-Demand Moon Rhythms Rose library offered in audio and video format, these recordings are delivered online and you will have lifetime access.

Welcome to the Online Classes and Events

Welcome to the In-Person Events

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