From teaching my first dance class in college, through the many years teaching Pilates while moonlighting as a Health Screener and Health Ed Speaker, to my recent path which has magically led me to India for a month to deepen my yoga and meditation studies, Egypt to dive deeper into ancient ways of being, to studying with Goddess Rising Mystery School, Woman Rising Mystery School, and A Moon Guide Facilitator Training, have all awakened the importance of being completely present when working with my clients, to embrace our individual journeys, to cultivate our unique brilliance and light, and to honour and respect this process. I can’t wait to get to know you better. Sat Nam my loves!

When I look back on my life, I see the steps and choreography. Each new beginning and ending birthed a new phrase in my dance. I’ve always had a strong curiosity for the deeper meaning behind life, our thoughts, and actions, how our body functions, how we heal, why we do what we do. I wouldn’t say I grew up feeling like I fit in; I was self-conscious, awkward, hard on myself, and didn’t always make the best decisions in my early years. But, through the years many teachers, books, friendships, and relationships would begin to guide my choreography. Steps were slowly building into phrases to make up the dance of my life, which to this day, is being created with fierce passion, love, and courage.

I left home at a young age, found my way to college to study Exercise Science/Dance, at nineteen experienced deep loss when my boyfriend passed away. I threw myself into work and studies, moved across country for an internship and work, and moved back across the country for a better job and roots. As life would unfold, I navigated through more heartbreak, challenging times, learning experiences and  amazing teachers. I started a blog and website, experienced the depths of my heart through the deep grief of losing my mother, met new layers of myself while in India for a month, experienced more heartbreak and change upon returning. I found myself in a Prietesses of The Moon Program which led to an Egypt Priestess Pilgrimage, and now I’m leading retreats, sister circles, sound temples, and in a yearlong mentorship for Priestesses of The Rose. I’m offering an online library of videos/tools to cultivate and awaken rhythms of inner bliss, all while continuing my passion and love of dance. Standing here now, I’ve discovered a renewed sense of passion in sharing ways to cultivate the art of our life and the art of our heart and soul.

My path hasn’t always been an easy one, but it continues to be a nurturing ground for cultivating a deep sense of comfort in my own body, who I am as a woman, as a teacher, and as a friend. I’m grateful to my teachers, in all areas of life, and for the lifelong whispers of my voice, my heart, and my soul! And so the dance continues.

“You’ve truly inspired me, Tanya! I’ve learned to take care of myself because of you. Dancing and performing as often as I am, I don’t hurt the way I used to, and if I do I just reset and start over. My body has more stamina because of Melt!” – Sarah


From a young age, I’ve been fascinated by books and how they expose other worlds. I could learn anything I wanted, meet people in the pages who were like me, and most fascinating, those unlike me. Books were my ultimate escape from a world I felt misunderstood. It was in school I began to find a sense of stability. I was intrigued by the language of anything new, new perspectives, new words, new worlds, glimpses of others thoughts, feelings, and findings. It invigorated my entire being. From this, a deep sense of inspiration was planted. Being a student is one of my favorite parts of being a teacher. I’m inspired by the amazing teachers who have graced my path and all those yet to show up. I’m not sure what I did in other lifetimes to have the pleasure and deep honor to be a teacher in this one, but I hold it sacred every day and every time I step up to teach.



The spiritual seeker in me has been present since I can remember. I seek depth and meaning to life, especially in areas it appears void. Even in my darkest moments; there was a presence of love and light underneath. This light would illuminate a path to my most profound classrooms here in earth school, where I would learn some of my greatest lessons. The seeds of this depth and meaning were watered by my education, my yogic studies, and my love and passion for dance. They allowed me to witness others in their vulnerability, to face my fears, step out of my comfort zones, and ultimately, were places I felt a sense of belonging. To this day, the light continues to nurture the importance of holding space for others, to be kind, and to honor each other’s journeys. I continue to find inspiration from my students, friends, family, and humanity at large, and these roots continue to cultivate a deep sense of compassion for our individuality and inner light.



My fascination with how the body works began early. I remember growing up with the exercise shows on PBS, and begging my father to sign me up for a subscription to monthly exercise/nutrition cards. I loved them; I would study them with such curiosity. Ultimately, they gave me a glimpse of these beautiful vessels we’re gifted with. At eleven years old, I did yoga for the first time. It was a Redbook VHS tape from the library and my life would never be the same. The light I’ve always sensed, even in younger years, was fleeting. I couldn’t hold on to it, but in yoga, I felt it again, and this time, I was aware of its relation to my body. This connection would teach me how to hold the light for longer periods. The dormant seed was deeply nurtured and laid the groundwork for a life of exploration into how my mind, my soul, and my body relate to one another and the whole. I spent time at two Ashrams for a month each, one in the states and one recently in India to go deeper into these ancient yogic teachings. For the rest of my life, I will continue to dance in the sweet rhythms yoga awakens in me. I’m honored to share these ancient teachings with all of you. Namaste, Loves!

It's time to awaken your rhythyms of inner bliss


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