Sound Healing

Welcome to the sanctuary where muses inspire sound and silence to rejuvenate body, mind, and Soul.

The calm and healing nature of sound

Sound can be incredibly meditative, wildly inspiring, cathartic, nurturing for our nervous system, and calming for the active mind. Our favorite music can instantly shift our mood, lighten our heart, and spark our own creativity. Certain sounds may evoke states of deep relaxation, like birds and the ocean. Growing up in a musical family, and dancing/performing for over 20 years, has cultivated a passionate love affair with music and sounds as auditory art and meditation.

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Sound as Muse

Think of how you feel sitting on the beach listening to the ocean’s rhythmic sounds lapping against the shore. Imagine the sounds of the birds as they sing their daily songs giving your mind some space. Feel the rejuvenating medicine of the sounds and symphony of the forest orchestra. Hear the wind rustling the leaves of your favorite trees. The invigorating song of the streams and rivers of the world. Sounds are a backdrop to the life we live here on this wildly beautiful planet Earth we call home.

What is Sound Healing?

Sound healing is a holistic modality of creating sound and music as meditation, inspiration. and relaxation. Through the thoughtful use of singing bowls (metal and/or glass “crystal”), gongs, tuning forks, harps, lyres, chimes, native flute, and countless other instruments, we assist the Nervous System in entering the temple spaces of rest and repair. Inviting the Parasympathetic Nervous System to cultivate rest, a softer mind, and rejuvenation. The voice is the most powerful sound tool we have. Through the anatomy and physiology of the ear and throat we can work with the Vagus nerve bringing about calmer states of mind and stress reduction

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  • For my witchy friends, I know you’re out there, book a Divination Reading  for guidance, offerings, and insight into the path moving forward. This can be a pre recorded Sound Divination or in depth Oracle Divination.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a good sound experience online?

Yes absolutely. I have a professional audio set up. You are advised to have earbuds or headphones for receiving the intricacies of the experience.

How do I prepare for a sound healing?

Create a cozy nest in your home temple space where you’ll not be disturbed. Grab your favorite earbuds or headphones for the best sound quality. Light a candle, have a pillow, blanket, a bolster/pillow for under your knees to support your back, and perhaps an eye covering for a relaxing sensory experience.

Do I need to do anything for a sound healing experience?

Arrive in a space to revive and relax. The sounds will do the rest.

How can I support my after care?

Drink water through the day, don’t eat a heavy meal before a sound experience, and be sure your in a space that’s comfortable and safe to allow the nervous system to receive.

“Y’all, I am EXCESSIVELY picky about who I go to for my own healings Because I want the best of the best. And I have to tell you The Dancing Soul is the REALEST. Her sound healing journeys are the equivalent of a deep tissue massage but to your brain. Crazy Magick. There is nothing this relaxing on earth! She makes me feel like a Totally new human. Go check her out And treat yourself to something very very ancient, unique, and wonderful.”

Lauren Gandharva

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