Alleviating Chronic Pain Naturally!

This is a hopeful time for those who suffer from chronic pain! People are talking more, privately and on the news, scientists are beginning to understand more about it through compelling research, and the NIH is beginning to look at traditional methods of treating those suffering from chronic pain. On the natural pain relief front, MELT made the news again! They were featured on CBS news, yay! Sue Hitzmann gracefully explains and shows how we are helping more people care for their bodies in a natural and gentle way! Lastly, there is a new movie about a woman who lives with chronic pain, starring Jennifer Aniston!

Watch this CBS news segment talking about this very real issue and learn about the latest NIH findings. They are revealing that traditional methods of treatment using prescription pain medications aren’t beneficial for long term treatment. It may surprise you to know that your Dr. could potentially be running blind with little to no guidance in your personal prescription treatment! This is worth taking a look at for sure, after all, it is your body and health! Empower yourself by taking the reigns when it come to your care!

MELT in the news, exciting times again! Watch this CBS coverage of MELT creator, Sue Hitzmann’s class at the JCC in Manhattan! Its brilliant in the message of what MELT is and how it can help you naturally reduce your chronic pain! It’s not just about the strength and cardio, they are important and wonderful, but learn how gentle movements are also important for your overall health and well-being! Remember we don’t just want to look great in our jeans, we also want to be able to bend over and tie our own shoes at 90 years old as well! Hope you enjoy this wonderful coverage of MELT!

Now you’re excited about trying MELT, I know, it is enticing to have less pain and find easier movement! Well, what are you waiting for, click here to learn how to MELT with me and begin your journey to living a more pain free life! I’ll leave you to enjoy this clip of the new movie about a woman’s journey with chronic pain! See you in class soon! Happy MELTing!!

Love and Light,


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