Beautiful Recipe for a Healthy Body and Abundant Happiness!

Do you listen to your body? Do you understand the feedback given for you to gain a deeper insight? Our bodies are the greatest gift we have ever been given, why do so many not love them as such? We have been given only one… what will carry us through the rest of our life with grace and strength if we do not care for this beautiful vessel?

Our minds will concoct stories and excuses about our current state of emotional and mental being, but our bodies don’t lie!! If we are uncomfortable we feel it in our guts! If we are in love we well up with butterflies in our bellies and excitement in our chest! It’s our bodies’ biological instinct to warn us of impeding danger and to rejoice with us when we are happy and healthy! So let’s begin listening to our greatest gift!

If you are experiencing an emotion stop and listen, what are you feeling? If someone pained you does your chest hurt, if you are happy or in love is that same area filled with ecstasy and celebration? If you are sad, does it feel hard to breath? If you have self-esteem and confidence issues do you find your posture is hunched? These are all ways the body tries to get our attention.

If we ignore it by checking out, it will continue to get worse until you have a serious sensation. Perhaps that fifteen-year-old chest ache resulted in a heart attack; maybe that self-esteem issue has resulted into a chronic head/neck/shoulder issue. Because you were always unsure of yourself in the world, you were always hunched, but you made yourself feel better with some external substance, and now it’s a chronic neck issue that you are on medication for and feel horrible! Maybe you hate your body and do not want to be in it so you continue to eat and not take care of it!! It’s intense, negative, and deep, I know!!! But my fellow souls this is the state a lot of people live in, are you one of them?

Let me propose another scenario… You listen to your body and realize its emotional dialogue, you begin exploring the issues; gain confidence, and you notice your chronic issue begins to dissolve. These are two cycles; it doesn’t require your belief to be true, it just is!! So how will you take control?

There are too many ways we disconnect from our emotions and ignore our bodies. If we are feeling lonely, angry, sad, depressed, or any other familiar emotion we may choose to eat, drink, do drugs, sleep, blame others, it can have a million different faces. Even an addiction to exercise will have an emotional root, or a chronic negative outlook on life. If you have back pain, you may reach for the bottle of pain medication rather than stretch, ice, and exercise.

When you are uncomfortable check in with your self instead of checking out, and I bet you find there is something unpleasant going on mentally and emotionally.
If you feel unwell stop, take a breath, and quiet your mind. What are you experiencing? Be the observer and sit with it. Be in the space of awareness and observation. You do not need to solve the issue or have an epiphany! Awareness is the magical ingredient required in this beautiful recipe for a healthy body and abundant happiness!

Our minds are like politicians; they make stuff up, they twist the truth. Our minds are the masters to blame, but our bodies…. our bodies don’t lie. Which is, of course, why so many of us learned to zip out of them at the first sign of trouble – Geneene Roth

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