Benefits of Pilates

Are you curious about the benefits you could gain by adding a Pilates program to your exercise routine? Through Pilates you begin a conversation with your body and mind. The intimate knowledge and dialogue you will discover will help you through the tough physical demands of life. Pilates will enhance the strength of your body and mind, which is crucial in maintaining a healthy balance mentally and physically. A skillful instructor and program will teach you how to begin to respect your body. You will learn to be gentle with yourself, and you will gain a level of intuitiveness with your body that will give you a powerful step up in your health.

Pilates will give you the tools you need to listen and respond to the challenges of life and the feelings and muscle imbalances that come with these challenges. You will improve your ability to deal with your stress levels and anxiety through the use of Diaphragmatic Breathing. You will learn to move in a more efficient way by using your core muscles. You will begin an intimate dialogue with these newfound muscles of the back, pelvis, shoulder girdle and torso. Through the specific exercises in Pilates you will build these important muscles and save your joints from unnecessary wear and tear because they will have the proper support.

Stress in the body causes a chain reaction of total chaos! Cortisol is our stress hormone, and this hormone causes tension and physiological stress in every cell of our body! Through Pilates you can learn tools and exercises to help you cope with various stressors. Stress causes tension in the neck/shoulders, back, hips, etc. Through the focused and precise stretches and exercises in Pilates you will gain the tools to dissipate this tension and allow your muscles to breathe again.

The benefits of Pilates will create a stronger mind/body connection, stronger back, stronger abdominal core, and a stronger pelvic floor, which help with things like incontinence and problems reaching orgasms! That is a great motivator! You will rapidly learn the tools to check in with your body and discover what it’s trying to communicate. With Pilates you increase your connection to your breath. This will help you during stressful times. You will begin to hear your most precious gift, the voice of your inner spirit and body. You will learn the tools to increase your strength, grace, flexibility, and core control. This will allow your nervous system and body to work with you. I recommend finding a professionally certified instructor by checking out credentials. A great place to begin is The Pilates Method Alliance. It is a third party National Organization created to uphold the professional standards of all Pilates Professionals. Your decision to invest in yourself by beginning Pilates will propel you to beautiful new shores!

Love & Light,

Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness. In order to achieve happiness, it is imperative to gain mastery of your body. “Patience and persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavor. – Joseph Pilates

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