Brain Beauty

I just read My Stroke of Insight, by Jill Bolte Taylor PhD. She is a brain scientist who had a stroke at the age of thirty-seven. The stroke damaged the left hemisphere of her brain. To read the details of a stroke through the eyes of an individual possessing such insight into how the brain works was mind blowing. The stroke left her unable to use the cognitive left-brain. She became increasingly aware of the compassionate right brain and how this feeling of peace and nirvana swept her away! She became aware of the energy being she is!

She was increasingly aware of how her cognitive left brain was deteriorating and how the compassionate right brain was becoming increasingly aware. Her detailed recollection of how she came to be aware of the responsibility we all have for the energy we bring into a room or conversation was brilliant! She quickly shut down when caregivers or friends would arrive with negative energy. She retold stories of caregivers being energetically harsh with her, not looking her in the eye, yelling at her, treating her as insignificant because she couldn’t communicate cognitively. The whole time her brain was trying desperately to reconnect its activity any way it could, and she would sense in herself, “I am not deaf or stupid, you don’t have to yell at me, I am here, speak slowly and acknowledge me!” She did not trust these caregivers and would not respond to them.

On the other hand, the caregivers and friends who came with compassion and gentleness, looking her in the eyes, and having patience, needless to say these are the people she trusted to take care of her. She became increasingly sensitive and aware of body language and facial expressions, and the overall energy people brought into a room. This is what the right mind so elegantly does for us, but usually the brain chatter of our left mind is so busy that we miss the intuition our right brain is constantly giving us.

Through her long recovery, she became increasingly aware of the parts of her left-brain attached to negative emotions, our storytellers that want to keep us wrapped in our negative circuit of drama. She explains so elegantly how it is merely a choice to shut down the chattering part of our left brain and tap into the beauty and all knowingness of our right brain, it is a simple choice most of us are unaware we have.

The bottom line is, the more attention we lend to our dramatic loops, whether it be anger, jealousy, revenge, judgement, etc, the stronger those brain circuits are becoming, and it will take less stimuli to reactivate them each time. The more negative thoughts we have, the stronger those connections, meaning the more negative situations and people we will find ourselves encountering everyday. On the other hand, the more efficient we become at not getting caught in the loop and realigning ourselves with the present moment, the stronger those brain circuits become in the right brain, and that will lead to the acceptance of our authentic self, and we will find ourselves encountering more positive situations and people.

You see my fellow souls we have the power to choose what and how we think, the situations we allow ourselves to be in, and the people we choose to associate with. I am learning my own power, and that means I choose the level of enlightenment in my life. It is my choice and responsibility not to get caught up in my negative loops by staying present. I am learning to acknowledge how I feel, not react to those negative emotions, and then remove myself from any situation; be it a conversation, a show, a person, or anything that causes negative emotions, that then cause a physiological response that does not feel like it aligns with my authentic self. This is me owning my own power and my brain beauty, and for that I am eternally grateful!

Love and Light,

Regardless of the garden I have inherited, once I consciously take over the responsibility of tending my mind, I choose to nurture those circuits that I want to grow, and consciously prune back those circuits I prefer to live without. Although it is easier for me to nip a weed when it is just a sprouting bud, With determination and perseverance, even the gnarliest of vines, when deprived of fuel, will eventually lose its strength and fall to the side. –Jill Bolte Taylor, PhD

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