Calling All Visionaries

and Creative Souls!

If you are interested, if not, that is beautiful too . . . 🙂 I’m sharing this brilliant documentary, The Choice is Ours, for all of us who are passionately and feverishly creative and curious, for all of us who can’t get enough of learning and rising to new heights and limitless possibilities, and for all of us who want to be the change we wish to see in the world!



And here is the first lecture of Jacque Fresco’s I watched after watching the above documentary . . .This particular video is from 1999 and worth the hour of your time to listen to his entire lecture! You don’t even have to watch, just listen . . . although his work on the board is quite brilliant!

What kind of world do you want to live in and leave for our children? Imagine if we all changed our old outdated ways of thinking, communicating, doing, and being . . . and stepped into our potential . . .


This last one is extremely thought provoking! It may be too much for some people, things may be said that bother some people, take it or leave it, but remember, there was a time when people argued the Earth was flat and that we would never fly or go to the moon, just to name a few  . . .
Also, I find it quite fascinating to listen to someone speak who had conversations with Albert Einstein!
You can find much more at The Venus Project and imagine the possibilities . . .


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Venus Morning Star Magic, Mythology, Divination, and Moon Dances

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