Celebrate Your Sensuality and Beauty!

How comfortable do you feel in your own skin? When you look in the mirror do your honestly see who you are? Are you plagued by your self-esteem demons? Let us begin by taking a simple breath and relax my exquisite souls! Building self-esteem has been a lifelong class for me! I’ve had the pleasure of encountering many beautiful teachers in my life. They have bestowed upon me the greatest gifts one could ever receive, the tools to love myself. My greatest lesson learned is now having the ability to look into my own beautiful blue emotion filled eyes with pure love and respect! At 36 years old I’m truly beginning to see the beauty of my soul!

This writing on self-esteem includes the story of how I surprised the love of my life for Valentines Day. What began as a gift for him, swiftly morphed into the realization of all my lessons learned in self-esteem and self-worth. As a beautiful result of pure intentions, the uplifting positive energy of this experience touched all the beautiful souls involved in it! It surprised my boyfriend and the photographer to levels I hoped for, but even surpassed my expectations! This is the divine way the universe works when we come from a loving and gentle place!

My Celebrate You session with Dawn V. Gilmore was unbelievably affirming for me!!! It illuminated all the work I have accomplished in building a beautiful structure that is my self-esteem and self worth. It all began with the purest of intentions to surprise the love of my life, Guy! I wanted to do a boudoir shoot to capture intimate personal images that told a story only the two of us would understand!! I knew the outfits, props, and scenes I wanted to use to create my vision. I knew it had to be in my apartment, aka my sanctuary! Your home my fellow souls should stand up to greet you every day and embrace those who enter into your sacred space! That’s another article! LOL!!

The next question to decide was, who will photograph me? I knew he mentored a phenomenal photographer name Dawn V. Gilmore. I contacted Dawn for my Celebrate You session, and we made our plans. I told her it was for my boyfriend, but gave no clues to his identity! The beauty is, I believe Dawn still to this day believes I didn’t know it was the same Dawn! I did, and it was all part of the surprise! I knew it would warm her spirit, and he would be proud of her when he saw the beautiful photos she took of his sweetness! I love the way my intuition works for me, it always leads me in the right direction for the greatest benefit to all!!! So, this was all turning out better than I expected. I was at the top of my game and on my way to surprising everyone!!!!!

I am no stranger to performing and being in front of a camera. I have danced in Moscow and to a sold-out audience in an amazing Theatre, been hired for a few infomercials and things of the sort, but I was nervous for this! It was my creative gift to the man who has inspired my dancing to another level and other aspects of my life and being. So much was riding on me being able to keep my secret, yikes!! It was the hardest thing I ever did!!! I am blessed with a man who truly sees my soul and reads my energy/moods! It’s a blessing in life, but creates for touchy moments when trying to surprise him! I wanted to spill my guts to him day after day, but the grace of the universe kept me sane!! In this precious moment, I want to thank him for my amazing website. It allows me to share my stories with all of you magnificent souls. Also, for putting up with my craziness during this secret operation!! 😉 Thanks Alien! I love you like the Universe!

The fabulous Jo’ah May did my hair and make up. I felt so pampered, and to dissipate the nerves I created a fabulous Burlesque playlist, allowed my space to rise to the occasion, and to top it off we had mimosas! I have always had a love affair with champagne, music, and playing dress up! Therefore, it was all icing on the cake to complete the creative energy that lent itself to the perfection of this day! As we began the shoot, Dawn made me feel so comfortable, and she truly understood the vision I wanted to convey to my Guy! My friend Natalie was here doing her session! Having all the girls at my place was so fun and amazing! If you have ever thought of doing something like this for yourself or your special someone, I would not hesitate to contact Dawn V. Gilmore. She will allow you to see what should be cultivating inside of you every moment of every breath, and that is your true beauty my fabulous bellezza (beauties)! Dawn in this sacred moment I would like to thank you for being the talent you are! You Rock!!!

I wish to share what has been the greatest tool for my own self-acceptance, mirror work. You must begin by looking at yourself in the mirror everyday and affirming what you love about yourself. We all have something that we adore! Love is far more powerful than hate! So turn the distain you have for those not so loved parts into a spicy affair with the parts you do love! You will quickly begin to see you have far more to love than hate!!! Begin now by going to the mirror, look into your beautiful expressive eyes and begin the dialogue with your inner child. I cannot express the importance of looking into your own eyes! It immediately connects to the child within all of us who inevitably feels we are not good enough!

In case you do not know, you’re perfect and amazing just the way you are right now! I want you to say that every time you catch your stunning eyes in the mirror!! If you think you can’t do things like a Celebrate You session, be sexy, happy, or loveable until you are a certain size, I am sorry to say you will never do it and will never be at a size you are happy with. Why? If you come from a negative place now, you will always attract situations that will affirm those negative thoughts for you. But, if you come from a place and affirm right now “I love you just the way you are and I can do anything”, then you will quickly begin to morph into the beautiful and sensual creature who has been living inside of you since you entered this school of life. And, the next thing you know you will look in the mirror everyday and say, “damn Bella you are HOT, SEXY, BEAUTIFUL, and most importantly LOVED!” Additionally, you may find without understanding how this manifested; you are having a fabulous Celebrate You Session, drinking mimosas with your girls, and your man now has unique, beautiful, sexy, and intimate images of the love of his life, YOU BELLA!!! So begin today to love yourself and celebrate your sensuality and beauty!

To be beautiful means to be you. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself. ~Thich Nhat Hanh

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