Chakras, Personal Development, and Creative Expression!

Today I’m talking chakras – The energy centers of our physical body – and what they really mean to us and our development and expression.

First scope is about our personal development and that journey through our chakras . . .



And, the second scope is about our creative expression and how it moves through our chakras . . . This one was really fun, because I’m experiencing my own creative expression manifesting through this new avenue of video blogging.  I love energy talk!



One of the ways I love to work with my chakras is through MELT! It helps to get energy moving in my body.

Remember, everything is energy. Some molecules are just vibrating slower, give rise to gravity and manifest as physical matter – we can see it. Other molecules are vibrating faster, are magnetic in nature and do not manifest as matter, but are existing in a negative space –  subtle energy.

Since I mentioned the Muladhara, Root chakra holds the sacred truth, All Is One, the energy of our tribe, stability,  and our connection to Gaia, Mother Earth.

It is our seat of support and connection to our tribes! I love to do a MELT foot treatment to help ground my energy and to reconnect with the Earth.


Happy Energy Balancing and Happy MELTing!

Love and Light,



“In the chakra system each energy center warehouses a particular power. These powers ascend from the densest physical power to the most etheric or spiritual power. Remarkably, the challenges we face in our lives tend to follow this alignment as well. Chakras one, two, and three are calibrated to the issues that engage us with physical or external power. Chakras four, five, six, and seven are calibrated to nonphysical or internal power. . . we have not only a a script for development of our consciousness but a spiritual language of healing as well as a symbolic life map of the inevitable challenges in our healing process.” – Caroline Myss, Anatomy Of The Spirit


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