Core Talk and R&R!

A bit of some core talk and a little R&R!

I’ve been a little quite lately, and have been taking some much needed technology breaks. Well, I say breaks because I haven’t been as active on social media as usual. I’ve been working on other things for my website and learning more about audio and video . . . so stay tuned in the last part of this year for some cool stuff here at The Dancing Soul!

Here is a short and sweet scope about your core.

Remember, do not be pushy or hard on your core . . . after all, it is a neurological stability system. It never turns off and is ideally working at a low load contraction 24/7 to protect and stabilize us.

It is a two part system consisting of a rooting mechanism from head to toe, and a reflexive mechanism wrapping around the torso, and in MELT we help you access this system and bring it back online so to speak . . . “This Shhhh Works” 🙂

So you see, it is a whole body system, not a system of muscles surrounding your belly! Remember don’t be all “pushy” about it . . . think subtle, supple, and whole body connection! Believe me, your body, especially your back will thank you for backing off!

The beach this past weekend in Vero Beach, FL during my nice little social media break! ?

My love and I were able to get away for a night and soak up some much needed alone time!

Here is a little snippet of the beautiful Florida weather this past weekend! Lots of cleansing rain and lots of beautiful jade green waters! My fav!! ???

Cheers to taking time away from technology every once in a while to reboot and reconnect to ourselves and one another! ?

Love and Light,


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