Dances of The Soul

Which part of your being vies for your attention upon waking? Does your mind take over and begin to immediately fill your head with all the details and obstacles you are sure to encounter, or remind you of the ones you didn’t deal with yesterday? Is it your body and your heart space that quickly envelope your awareness, if so how do you listen to this most sacred part of your being? Do you listen with judgment and criticism, or awareness and respect?

Do you feel your body and what do you feel? Do you listen with a negative ear, this hurts or that hurts, cursing it for not feeling better or for not being younger? Or is your go to, “OMG I’m so tired and do not want to get out of bed, and the last thing I want to do is … because … ?” Perhaps you flirt with those aches and pains and say “Ah yes it’s you again. I respect you, I worked hard for you, and your communication reveals Life Energy is trying to engage me in an enlightening dance of growth, respect, awareness, and healing.”

If approached with love, from your heart space, you will begin to understand these profound messages from the soul through the physical body. The beauty is its profoundly simple and yet so powerful! On your daily journeys, from the time you open your beautiful soulful eyes to the moment your entire being floats off to that healing and peaceful universal space, where is your attention? Is it inside your head or in your body and heart space?

The heart space is our emotional center; it is a beautiful and powerful energetic space. It’s the dance floor where our physical body and our soul embrace in a graceful, infinite, and powerful movement willing you to feel it, to experience it. They create a beautiful choreographic energy between the Physical Body and the Universal Body.
If you find yourself in the space of judgment or contemplation of “why this”… or “how dare that”, you are disconnected from your heart and soul, and you are completely encased by the incessant voice in your head. Which is all too eager and ready to make you believe negative things about so many aspects of your life!!!

The most efficient way to connect to your heart space, is to step back in any situation and observe your voice, you know the one that has so much to say about so much! Yes, that one! Simply observe it, get to know it, watch and see what its initial reaction is to the moment. What’s the emerging pattern of reaction? We are the awareness of that voice; we are the one who listens to it. If that voice is on the attack and justifies everything through this energy, my fellow souls you must step back, breathe, and connect with your heart space so that you may always come from a place of love, gratitude and presence.

In the Dances of The Soul you will come to find the highest space in which to take on challenges you encounter with grace and confidence! My wish for us all is to dance with the playful, lighthearted, and loving heart space so that gratitude and presence gently embrace our daily journeys. It is here we will come to know our most Authentic Self!

Love and Light,


“To be aware that you are watching the voice talk is to stand on the threshold of a fantastic inner journey. If used properly, the same mental voice that has been a source of worry, distraction, and general neurosis can become the launching ground for true spiritual awakening. Come to know the one who watches the voice, and you will come to know one of the great mysteries of creation.” – Michael Singer- The Untethered Soul


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