Day 5 MELT and Nourish with Yoga Challenge!

Happy Easter!!!

I LOVE the MELT Bunion Treatment! It’s a great way to open up those tissues if your tootsies have been stuffed inside shoes all day.

It’s a beautiful way to create a fluid exchange in and around the arches of the feet!

Our feet do SO much for us, have you given yours some love today?

Day 5 of #nourishwithyoga is #SuptaPadangusthasana

I love how this challenge is mapped out. Sunday is our resting pose! It is so important in life to find balance between “doing” and “non-doing” Namaste

“Yoga is a balancing factor, a substratum across all of your life, so you do not get shifted in one direction or another. It gives you freshness, gives you light, recharges your batteries. You become a stable person. You realize what balance is, what sukha is, what contentment is, what joy is.”
~ Birjoo Mehta

Namaste to the hosts
@momwhatsfordinner @sandra_thornburg @paisleyanneyoga
and sponsors @karmaladesigns @shencreations @lineagewear @lunajaiathletic@glowgirlfitness @indolovejewelry @rebelaffair@barefootyoga

Love and Light,


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