Fall Event Schedule

Open for Registration!

My event schedule is open for registration!

I have some great hand and foot events for back pain and arthritis which include a MELT custom kit plus instructions on how to use it.

These events are great for people who tend to feel overwhelmed by the roller work and figuring out what to do, what part to treat and when! The hand and foot events will help ease you in to building a habit of self care through our indirect approach to successfully treating pain! 💜

I have a few Friday morning classes up for us to play with compression techniques and more… 💞 I’ll be adding a few more custom hand and foot events for golf, Pilates, and yoga by next week, so be sure to stay tuned! 👏

Check out my full schedule over at www.thedancingsoul.com/shop

Find out more ways you can MELT with me in person or via Skype by clicking here

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My Favorite Moon Tool ~ The Moon Is My Calendar

My Favorite Moon Tool ~ The Moon Is My Calendar

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Trouble Sleeping? Try This Simple Tip…

Trouble Sleeping? Try This Simple Tip…

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