Free Meditation - 3 Days ONLY!

Namaste, Powerful Ones!

For the next three days, you can access my Tattva meditation for FREE in my online studio. Simply create your Namastream account using FB, Google, or email and you’re off to greater clarity and heart power in my online sanctuary!

My passion is to teach you techniques to have an experience of how powerful you truly are. Kundalini Yoga is over 40,000 years old and it opens a direct communication with your creative potential (Kundalini energy), and once you experience this connection, it becomes impossible to be controlled by outside influences, be it a job, media, relationships, old thought patterns, etc. Your thoughts and actions begin to align with your true self and change will happen as a result.

Once you taste your own innate power, you will never give it away again. You will begin to see your life unfold in ways you couldn’t even imagine… kind of like MELT, once you start melting you begin to realize you have absolute control over how you feel every day. Kundalini yoga will help you release the old patterns buried in your subconscious mind and tissues that hinder you in a myriad of ways throughout life. So, go forth powerful one and shine your light with no apologies, hesitations, or doubts …

Let me know how this meditation works for you, and feel free to share it and/or do it with your friends and family… Humanity needs us to be clear, compassionate and in the seat of our creative potential and heart space so we can be the change we wish to see!

Sat Nam, Loves!

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