Guest Blog on MELT for Burning Nights!

Here is a guest blog I wrote for Victoria over at Burning Nights, an RSD/CRPS awarenesss group based out of the UK. Thank you again, Victoria, for inviting me to share MELT with your readers. Love and Light, Tanya



This month we have a special guest blogger; Tanya Clark who has written a blog about the alternative therapy called ‘The MELT Method’ that she practices as well as teaches to both CRPS/RSD and chronic pain sufferers.


I hope that you will all enjoy this special guest blog by Tanya as it is an alternative therapy that may help you as CRPS/RSD and chronic pain sufferers. Thank you Tanya for writing this great blog for sharing it with Burning Nights – CRPS Support!




Tanya Clark


Tanya Clark holds a well-diversified background in movement therapies including, BS Exercise Science/Dance, Advanced MELT Practitioner and is part of Sue Hitzmann’s, MELT creator and teacher, team of Teaching Assistants, Pilates Mat/Equipment Certified, and 200RYT. With over 15 years in the wellness industry, and now specializing in a science based Hands-Off Bodywork technique, The MELT Method, Tanya is a well respected movement practitioner and has developed the skills and compassion to help you live your most active and pain free life while awakening your rhythms of inner bliss. Her passion for education and life balance will inspire you to, “Get In Your Body And Get Out Of Pain.”



by Tanya Clark


MELT Method

I’m sure you’ve been hearing the “buzz” about the MELT Method, and perhaps you’re still unsure what it is, why you should care about your fascia, and how it can help you live pain free and stay active for many years to come.

MELT is a simple self -treatment technique that simulates the benefits of highly skilled manual therapy. It helps to reduce chronic pain and keeps you active longer by rehydrating the connective tissue system, aka fascia – our supportive structure. The connective tissue supports every muscle, bone, organ, vessel, nerve, and cell inside of us, and through MELT techniques we “juice up” this tissue and activate the natural healing mechanisms of the body by directly improving the function of our nervous system via the neurofascia – The connection between our fascial system and our nervous system.

MELT Method picture 2

You’ll notice less pain, improved digestion, better quality of sleep, and a greater sense of vitality. We use various size balls on the hands and feet and a soft foam roller on the body to stimulate the tissues. Science shows daily living causes dehydration to this system – imagine a nice flexible sponge and it becomes brittle and dried out from our repetitive habits, from surgeries, injuries, emotional events, and well, life in general! So, whether you are a student sitting at a desk all day, work at a desk job, are a construction worker, a dance teacher, are active, are a professional athlete, or you are suffering from chronic pain of any kind, you would benefit greatly from MELT. Essentially, if you are a living being you should learn to treat your connective tissue and you’ll notice improvements in your overall quality of life!


Health and movement have always fascinated me. Over 15 years ago, I was in the process of getting my bachelors degree in Exercise Science/Dance when my mom was injured and later diagnosed with RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy), now called CRPS (Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome.) I remember doing a final paper/project in my Human Physiology lab with exercises and other meditative modalities to ease the nervous system for RSD patients. I look back now and can see this is the point my path begin shifting into the healing realm, even though I didn’t have a clue at the time where this path would lead, this was a pivotal moment. After working in many different avenues of health and wellness, from corporate wellness, Pilates, health coaching/screenings, presenter for health prevention seminars, my journey led me to the world of MELT. With a love of dance, and still as an active dancer, I’m no stranger to injuries and pain. I’ve always used my own body to learn more techniques that could potentially help my mom and my clients, and in March 2013 this search led me to a Gyrotonics studio where I found MELT and Sue Hitzmann, MELT Method creator, mentor, and my teacher.


From my first workshop with Sue I knew this work would change everything! I signed up for MELT teacher training the night of my first intro to MELT workshop. I’m proud to say two years later, and many hours of trainings under Sue, I’m one of her advanced MELT practitioners. I’ve had the opportunity and privilege to assist her as one of her teaching assistants for new trainees, completed my advanced training last summer in her neurostrength work for stability of the major joints, and this summer I will be doing another training, MELT for Pilates – incorporating MELT and Pilates mat work into a beautiful therapeutic realm.


In my many hours of training, I have learned how to take highly abstract science and use Sue’s applicable method for changing the way my body is aging, to recover faster from my love of dance, and at 39 I’m proud to say I feel better and dance better than any other point in my life, and it is because of MELT! I’m truly blessed to pass this knowledge and work on to my clients and all of you. I’ve also recently had a major ankle injury – due to an incident with a trampoline – maybe I forgot to mention I’m a brave dancer – an Avulsion Fracture and a Grade III sprain to all the major ligaments (hey, I went big on this one!), and it is through this process I’ve been able to document how MELT helps the body heal acute trauma as well. You can read and see before and after pictures here in some of my recent blog posts. The most compelling pictures were in this particular post, they truly blew me away!


Tanya Clark mum

(Tanya’s Mum)

For me, the most important and rewarding aspect of being a trained Advanced MELT Practitioner is helping people feel better, empowering them to take the reigns when it comes to how their body is functioning on a daily basis, and closest to my heart is to help others potentially have a different outcome than my mom did. It all started with that college paper/project on how to help ease the nervous system of those suffering like my mom, although my finding MELT wasn’t in time to change my mom’s path, as she passed in December 2014 on dialysis from a very worn out body due to traditional forms of medicine, I know she is helping to guide me on my journey in helping others suffering from chronic pain and is smiling down on me!

MELT Method products



To purchase your MELT products go to the official MELT Method website

To learn more about MELT in the media click here.

To learn more about MELT click here.

You can go to MELT Finder to locate a qualified and trained MELT Teacher/Class in your area to get started.

For MELT FAQs and more on my personal MELT story click here.


Testimonials from MELT Clients suffering from Chronic Pain:


After many years of having hired help go with me to shop for only a few days worth of groceries, after our MELT session, and specifically the one we added the pelvic stability work into, I went to the grocery store by myself at 7PM, which I usually don’t go out that late due to exhaustion, shopped for the whole week, and ate dinner after!”

– Kate




“How it has helped me is with pain? . . .  when I have it and I do some melting, the pain disappears. I also find it very relaxing, and when I do it before bed, I do seem to sleep better.”  

– Kathy 



“MELT is life changing! The difference that just one class makes is ‘body blowing’. MELT can be as productive as any other mind, body, and spirit work used for healing.”  

– Bobbi Jo Faurot

“I have been taking MELT classes for 2 months and I have seen and felt a remarkable change in my body!! I feel healthy, decrease in migraines, and can move without pain and function better in everyday activities.”

– Gina 


Read more MELT Testimonials from my personal clients


Love and Light,



 “A little proactive self-care goes a long way toward keeping you pain-free and active for a lifetime.” – Sue Hitzmann



Thank you to Tanya on behalf of Burning Nights for writing this great blog on the MELT Method for chronic pain and CRPS/RSD. Please feel free to share, comment or post about Tanya’s blog and the MELT Method!!


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