Hello again, my dear old friend ...

lotus_flower_lake-wideHello again, my dear old friend … I have missed you … I have desired to join you in thought and discoveries … and here we meet again, this lifts my soul!

“Your Heart, and my Heart are very old friends” – Hafiz

I hope you have had a graceful end to another beautiful year of growth. I hope it has revealed deeper insights leading you closer to the discovery of your highest potential! My wish for you is to welcome this new year of possibilities and delve deeper, with more courage and love than ever before.

I am settled in from a long years journey of self discovery and willingly challenging everything I thought I knew about how to truly live our best lives … More short musings of these discoveries to follow soon.

For now my friend, I simply wanted to share a few words by the Poet, Hafiz. May they inspire you as they did me to create a sacred welcoming of this new year and all the potential it cherishes! May you discover your heart and your highest potential by moving through your fears.

Till we meet again …

Love and Light,


“Fear is the cheapest room in the house, I would like to see you living in better conditions.” – Hafiz

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Venus Morning Star Magic, Mythology, Divination, and Moon Dances

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