Here it is . . . Scientific Proof that MELT WORKS!!!

MELT-for-Back-Pain-FB-062015This is so incredibly exciting! Here it is . . . Scientific Proof that MELT WORKS!!!

Sue Hitzmann, MELT creator, my teacher and mentor, has just published her latest blog post with the results that MELT really works!

I mean, all of us that MELT regularly already know this, but for those of you who need scientific proof, here you go! I’m on cloud nine right now, because there are people who just need that proof before trying, and over here in MELT-land, we are happy to provide . . .

You can read about all about it here in this blog post by Sue! 

A little face treatment always helps to get rid of my brain fog and headache? . . . And my newest rainbow moonstone mala from Kate Miller over at @enlightenedpieces, which by the way I had my eye on from the moment she posted it on her Etsy shop months ago, is so soft and feminine, I’m in love with it. Thank you for your beautiful and thoughtful work, Kate! ?

? Do you have back pain? Tried exercising, stretching, icing, heating, anti-inflammatory meds, pain meds, or surgery – whew I’m exhausted 😉 – still not making headway? Don’t feel discouraged anymore, because now that you read the scientific proof that MELT really works, I know you’ll try my MELT workshop this Sunday in Lake Worth and learn about the missing link to treating pain.

I want to teach you how much power you DO have to change the way your back feels. ? I’m having a special custom event this Sunday at our lovely local dance studio, Downtown Dance . . .You’ll be happy you made this self-care investment!!

Here is some food for thought . . . Think of the money you’ve spent going to others to treat you, on medications to mask your symptoms, on doctors office visits only to leave feeling frustrated with no answers and maybe only another script . . . Let’s change the way you look at healing.


This time, invest in your ability to treat YOURSELF! You’ll be happy you did, and so will your other practitioners . . . as they will be able to make much better headway when they treat you if you’ve been taking responsibility by treating yourself!

Click the link below to learn more, and just go ahead and register already! ?

??? *** Everyone who registers will receive a complimentary MELT for Back Pain Custom Kit, including MELT Hand and Foot Treatment Balls and instructions on how to use them. *** ???

***Registration is required as space is limited*** Register at…/melt-away-your-back-pain-a-cus…/

Here’s what one of our study participants had to say:

A transformation—at least in my case. Over 20 years I have suffered from back pain and have exhausted every means for relief. Considering back surgery last year and then one day I received a MELT survey study. EVERYTHING has changed. With just 15 minutes each day using hand, feet, and back therapy, each new day I am completely free of back pain—completely free!!! Truly a blessing!!! –Brad O.

Love and Light! 


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