In the Moment with The Dancing Soul!

normalankleIn the Moment with The Dancing Soul . . .

Happy Tuesday!

It’s been awhile since I’ve done an in the moment, so here goes.

First thing’s first, you can see to the left, my ankle looks like a normal ankle again. My self care treatment was a complete success, never used anti-inflammatories, and stuck to all my holistic methods of treatment. I’m incredibly grateful for all the wonderful advice I got from all of you self care beauties out there. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

You can scroll through the blogs to see all of the wonderful methods including MELT, CST, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Yoga, Essential Oil therapies. They truly help our body initiate its own brilliant healing mechanisms.


MELT via Skype . . . This is so exciting ….

My first official private MELT Skype session was a complete success this morning!

I so love that I can continue working with my clients when they leave for the season!

We did a little hydration and neurostrength work, and I’ll have my small group private Thursday, with 2 of them live and 1 via Skype!

Gotta love it!

Contact me here for ways you can MELT with me in person or via Skype.

No excuses to not MELT!

Move like Babies Move and Watch Change Happen  . . .

Here is a wonderful article I wanted to share about setting your kids up for healthy and mobile bodies throughout life.

Even great info for our own bodies!

5 Tips to Help Your Kids Live Upright! 


Last Two Neurostrength Classes of July . . .

Registration is now open for my last two neurostrength classes in July.

Click here for details and registration.

July 21 I’ll be heading back to Utah for my MELT for Pilates Training, and when I return I’m moving to Palm Beach Gardens to begin a new chapter after a decade in my current building.

Change is scary, but necessary for growth!

See in class on Sunday!


Finally, Tips for Sitting at Your Desk all Day . . .

Here are some great tips from my teacher and MELT creator, Sue Hitzmann.

Don’t let the desk sentence take hold of your tissues!

Till next time … Happy MELTing!

Love and Light,


you have been receiving signals of movement hunger in response to a movement diet that is very low in terms of quantity and poor in terms of quality—meaning you aren’t getting the full spectrum of movement nutrition necessary for human function.
Katy Bowman, Move Your DNA: Restore Your Health Through Natural Movement

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