Loving Intentions in Conversation!

Good Morning!!!

Happy Friday! I am wishing everyone a great weekend with lots of awareness and love in every activity or conversation you find yourself engaged in.

If by chance you realize you are in a situation in which you are dying to judge another, or feeling like you know better, or want the outcome of another’s actions to suit your needs, I ask you to remember the quote at the end of this post.

Its by Diane Sawyer, and it is very simple, yet a mistake we make all the time. We are quick to judge and criticize others when their actions or words do not align with our own. The bottom line is we have every right to voice our opinions, feelings, and needs, but the most important thing is our intention behind our actions. While we have the right to share, we do not have the right to make another feel inadequate or less than simply because we would do it differently!

I will close now for the weekend and wish us all the ability to voice our requests without the need to criticize!!! Let us retain the ability to converse and communicate like loving adults and revel in the beauty of our pure intentions!

Love and Light,

A criticism is a really bad way of making a request. So why not just make the request. Ex., Can we work on this thing that makes me feel this way. – Diane Sawyer

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