MELT and Day 1 of Nourish with Yoga IG Challenge

My Rose Quartz Mala is home again! I’m so incredibly happy to have met Kate Miller, the owner/operator of @enlightenedpieces … I was actually going to send it to a company in Bali to have it restrung, but then my guy @creative365 found Kate on Etsy. It has been a strong companion for my heart through a lot of deep healing over these two years, and ending with helping me to keep my heart open after losing mom. So, when it broke I was devastated, but knew there had to be a reason.
I previously had flashes of wearing a green mala, but would quickly dismiss it because, well, my rose quartz is super special to me, and the thought of having another one seemed otherworldly, until it broke! To make a long story short, I’d had those flashes of green and would randomly connect with the feeling of working more with my intuition. I decided to google “green stone and intuition”, and Prehnite popped up. Well, you guessed it, Kate had a Prehnite mala on her site. It was at that moment I knew she was the one to restore and cleanse the karmic cycle of my rose quartz mala. I worked with her to create a custom mala with the prehnite beads and it feels amazing. She is also a Reiki healer and charged them before sending them home! Now, I want the beautiful Chakra Mala you put on your site Kate! You are truly the best and your work reflects your heart space!! It’s funny, I remember a friend who I respect and admire greatly saying to me, “oh, you can never have too many malas”, you were so right, David Cronin!


Even though it looks like I’m doing Savasana, I’m doing a MELT Reconnect technique called Rest Assess. We use it to assess where stuck stress (cellular dehydration of connective tissue or fascia) is living in our body. Its not an avenue to fix anything or have perfect posture. We simply want to give ourselves permission to go inside, take out our common senses of sight and touch, and heighten our Body Sense by assessing four common imbalances. For example, The first common imbalance we notice is, is all your upper body weight propped up in the shoulder blades? If you answer yes, you have stuck stress living in your shoulder girdle that could be leading to pain elsewhere in your body! We constantly come back to assessments in MELT to feel the changes we’ve made and to help our Autonomic Nervous System regain a sense of what is balanced in our body! It’s like opening the door to a clean room, eventually the nervous system wants to stay in the clean room!
Awesome pants by @bohemianisland My new healing prehnite mala by @enlightenedpieces and my dear rose quartz mala that broke is now healed and restored! Thanks Kate!!! #meltwithme #meltpalmbeach#meltdoesabodygood #MELTedSelfCare #meltmethod#meltnerd #thedancingsoul

Day 1 of #NourishWithYoga is #Tadasana#mountainpose. Lately, I have been witnessing first hand what we put out here in the world in small and big ways makes a difference in what we are attracting into our lives!
The whole purpose of beginning these IG yoga challenges was to have an outlet for the overwhelming grief from losing my mom by getting back to my mat – its hard to believe that the 9th of April will mark 4 months since she’s transitioned.
This avenue has turned out to be incredibly healing, not only have I been connecting with like minded souls, it led to the inspiration for the first ever#MELTedSelfCare challenge, which our winner was baby Leo being MELTed by his awesome mom, @meltedmama. I’ve also connected with those suffering from the same chronic pain disorder as my mom had, and now one of the hosts of April’s challenge @paisleyanneyoga is a rock climber and yogi, and is also a huge lover of MELT! I’m humbled by the ways the universe connects us when we just move from our heart and create – without attachment to the outcome – what is passionately trying to be born through us! Om Namah Shivaya. Love and Light!
“Compassion is loving others enough to say or do what is appropriate from an empowered heart without attachment to the outcome.” – Gary Zukav
Awesome pants by @bohemianisland
Namaste to the hosts @momwhatsfordinner @sandra_thornburg@paisleyanneyoga
and sponsors @karmaladesigns @shencreations @lineagewear @lunajaiathletic@glowgirlfitness @indolovejewelry @rebelaffair@barefootyoga

Love and Light,


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