MELT and Day 29 of Instagram Yoga Challenge - Flow It Together

What’s a girl to do but a little MELT mini hand treatment while waiting in line for an authentic San Francisco cable car tour!!

The ball travels well and my leg works for the finger rinse!

Okay so I’m a little MELT nerd! love and Light!!!


Not sure if you’ll be able to hear him, but I had to share! As I’m MELTing my hands in line this guy walks up and starts singing “I’ll Stop the World and MELT with you!” Gotta love it!!!


Day 29 of #flowittogether – the flow sequences from weeks 1 and 2, and I just realized I forgot to sequence in utkatasana- chair, oops! At yesterday’s event, I was introduced to Sera Beak! Her honesty, passion, and forthrightness truly made me perk up and my cells vibrated to the frequency of what she was saying! Her words strike with a brutal honesty of this human experience… Love and Light! “My sense of self has expanded and contracted like a schizophrenic accordion. I have questioned everything, and I have felt nothing. I have told the universe to f**k off, and I have fallen down weeping at its compassionate response.” ― Sera J. Beak, The Red Book: A Deliciously Unorthodox Approach to Igniting Your Divine Spark

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Love and Light,


My Favorite Moon Tool ~ The Moon Is My Calendar

My Favorite Moon Tool ~ The Moon Is My Calendar

Have you ever wondered how the Moon's cycles connect to your own life and inner rhythms?   I always have. I remember the exact day when I talked to the moon and asked her to show me how she moves through me.   I asked to know her, her rhythms, when she was...

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