MELT Blessings in Utah!

Happy Wednesday All!!

I’m home after my advanced MELT teacher training in breathtaking Utah! What a profound and amazing experience! I will keep it as short and as simple as I can with the hope of inspiring you to experience in your body this new way of understanding stability and how to regain simple and efficient movement patterns!

As you may recall from other posts, I was one of the 40 advanced MELT instructors chosen by our teacher and MELT creator, Sue Hitzmann to move on to this next level of specialized training, MELT Level One NeuroStrength.  The space Sue, her TA’s, and the group of teachers held for one another was one of the most inspiring experiences! I’m incredibly grateful to be part of our MELT family! We will forever cultivate the special bond we created together and remember the MELT blessings in Utah! Love you all! The opportunities to learn from my teacher and MELT family continue to open my body to new levels of graceful and effortless function, and this in turn continues to open deeper understandings of how to help you improve yours as well!

Not sure what MELT NeuroStrength really is? . . . MELT Length simulates highly specialized hands-on manual therapy to rehydrate your Connective Tissue System and rebalance your Autonomic Nervous System using the MELT soft roller and hand and foot ball kit. This results in less pain, enhanced functioning of your nervous system, and the ability to stay active longer. MELT NeuroStrength takes this to the next level and simulates highly specialized hands-on Neuromuscular therapeutic techniques to improve the stability of your shoulder girdle, pelvic girdle, and neurocore using the MELT soft roller, your own body, and a MELT resistance band. Our intent is to open our proper neural pathways resulting in optimal joint motion, decreased pain, and finally erasing those compensatory patterns you have tried to exercise your way out of, or those aches and pains you were told were a part of the normal aging process! Implementing MELT Length and Strength together is truly a recipe for active pain free living!!

With concepts of “core training” and “stability training” so popular these days in the fitness realm, I’m empowered to have this opportunity to teach you a different concept of “core strength”. First, it is a mechanism of the autonomic nervous system and inherently linked to the expression of our diaphragm, so addressing it from the angle of traditional musculoskeletal concepts could be interfering with the reflex, and could be causing your back and neck pain to worsen!  Second, I’m excited to help you understand what “stability” on another level. Doing enormous amounts of strength training, taking endless boot camp classes, doing bicep curls on a Bosu, or similar stability and strength concepts will likely not improve your stability, it will likely increase your compensatory patterns and perhaps worsen your shoulder, hip, knee, or ankle pain!

Unless we first entertain that our concepts of efficient movement and stability could be a bit outdated in the traditional sense of movement, we will continue to overwork our core, over work our muscle movers, and miss how to properly access our stabilizers of the Shoulder Girdle, NeuroCore, and Pelvic Girdle. Why should you care about all of this? To put it in the simplest terms possible, if you don’t understand how your body truly stabilizes you, you will likely continue to strengthen your compensatory patterns, enhance the potential for chronic pain, and likely increase your rate of injury! As Sue Hitzmann puts it so eloquently . . .

“You cannot be efficiently mobile if your inefficiently stable!”

We are NOT replacing your favorite mode of exercise, hobby, or sport. I’m NOT telling you, or want you to stop doing it. I want to teach you how to reintegrate and repattern your involuntary proper movement pathways so you can continue with much less effort. These pathways were developed between the ages of 0-2 years old as we were learning to navigate our world. We lose these pathways for various reasons and begin compensating through other less efficient ways. We have the ability to bring the proper pathways back online through MELT NeuroStrength, and combined with MELT Length, it will greatly enhance your current strength work, exercise routine, dance training, physical therapy, favorite activity or healing modality. Your overall quality of movement through life will continue to improve, you’ll work much less with much greater benefits and results, and ultimately realize how exquisite and effortless your movement is meant to be! For inspiration on movement click and watch this baby explore . . .

I will be introducing these concepts in my Lower Body Rehydrate and Stability 3 session series beginning Sunday in Lake Worth. Join me and experience the power to change how you move through your daily life and excel at your favorite activities! Early Bird Registration has been extended through Friday, August 15th, 2014 at Midnight! Act now and take care of YOU, you’re so worth it!!

Click here for registration …

Love and Light,


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