MELT Creator on Rachael Ray!

Happy Friday!

Did you catch MELT Creator on Rachael Ray?

#SueHitzmann was so much fun and educational today on #RachaelRay  with  #DrOz!

You just want to bottle her knowledge … The lighthearted energy between the three of them was awesome and contagious!! Its obvious they all LOVE what they do! Very inspiring!

Can you believe how easy it is to make changes to the fascial system? The beauty is, its not simply to look youthful, that’s an added perk , but it supports all other systems of your body so we age gracefully and remain active, youthful, and pain free!

Here’s the clip of Sue on Rachael Ray if you missed it, and for my MELTers, follow along with your equipment  …

And check out Sue’s backstage pass with the full 5 minute sequence to yield the most fluid exchange … its linked under the clip …

Then, you can read Sue’s blog about her experience on the show!

Finally, some of you requested more information on my Anti-Aging events … I copied the updated information from my webpage about my upcoming events and series specifically on this topic and what you’ll learn.

These are specialized workshops /series with a focus on Anti-Aging. You will learn the techniques seen on Rachael Ray, MELT 50-second facelift plus more sequences to maximize your results!

If you have just a few minutes a day to help yourself look good and feel fantastic, this simple self-treatment is for you.

The MELT Anti-Aging Workshop featuring the 50-Second Facelift will show you how you can reduce the sagging skin on your face and neckline and give you a facelift daily.

Learn how to stimulate the cells that produce collagen in your skin and restore your skin’s natural hydration from the inside out.

Take home 7 tips for great-looking skin.

You will learn other easy self-treatment techniques for reducing common aging issues including aches and pains, cellulite, stiffness, and difficulty sleeping that use the MELT Soft Body Roller and Treatment Balls.

If you want to age with more grace and remain active for many years to come,  join me and learn how to rehydrate your support structure, find a greater ease of movement, reduce chronic pain, and improve efficiency in your Nervous System!

See you in class soon to expand on #50SecondFacelift you learned on the show and so much more about caring for this supportive structure

For registration click here …

Love and Light,


 “A little proactive self-care goes a long way toward keeping you pain-free and active for a lifetime.” – Sue Hitzmann 

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