MELT on Racheal Ray and Day 8 of Nourish with Yoga

In honor of Sue Hitzmann and MELT being on The Rachael Ray Show today, here is a little Back of Thigh Shear to help the  infamous area cellulite loves to live!!
 MELT directly stimulates the connective tissue, and this system not only balances muscles, gives joints shock absorption, and keeps our organs tucked in place, but it also brilliantly supports our skin and produces the collagen!! This show was ALL about the lovely ladies! Sue was talking cellulite, lifting the girls, and tightening the neck! And you thought MELT was just for pain and improving athletic performance?

OH NO,​over here at MELT-​Nation we ​already know all the awesome perks MELT has when it comes to looking younger *** This is NO miracle cream mumbo jumbo – it’s SCIENCE folks.

This IS the supportive scaffolding of our ENTIRE body, yep including the skin!!! ***

We have cellulite maps, belly pooch maps, and facelift maps! I mean connective tissue is pretty awesome, and we are all about her ​brilliance ​in MELT-land!

MELT is awesome, and I’m so grateful I get to help people not only get out of chronic pain, but also I get to help people feel better about how they are aging! Its so empowering!!

Here’s the video

​and now you can register to come MELT with me this Sunday at Downtown Dance and learn some cool anti-aging and pain free living tips! ​For registration click here or go to the MELT Finder to take a class in your area with a trained teacher.

Day 8 of ‪#‎nourishwithyoga‬ is the day for a stabilizing and centering pose , and it is

I had to sit and take this in today. I literally let the words soak in to my being! How much energy is spent trying to make sense of something, explain something into or out of being, or the best, trying to reason with someone or wanting someone to reason with us? Let us vow to follow our heart’s guidance. Think about what kind of world is possible if we have the courage to do so . . . Love and Light!

“Let your heart lead you, do not be afraid. For there will be much to regret if reason, sense, and fear are your only markers.” – Tara Conklin

Namaste to the hosts @momwhatsfordinner @sandra_thornburg @paisleyanneyoga and sponsors @karmaladesigns @shencreations @lineagewear @lunajaiathletic@glowgirlfitness @indolovejewelry @rebelaffair@barefootyoga

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