MELT Revelations in my Movement!!!

Happy Tuesday All!

I’m sharing personal MELT revelations in my movement. These are things I’ve noticed since incorporating MELT Neurostrength into my daily self care routine! First, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying designing and playing with length/strength sequences daily. I’m growing confident and love getting to practice my cueing on my family and myself. They are totally digging melt strength, and I’m feeling amazingly stable and continually moving with less effort!

Next, I taught my first Length/Neurostrength class Sunday to the my length students, and they loved it! It was so fun to teach … certainly a skill to execute smoothly, and the changes noticed every time we came back to Rest Assess (for my melters you know this Reconnect technique), well needless to say were profound! After doing Neurostrength moves like “Arm and Hammers”, the rib wall is even more weighted to the floor, and we no doubt had worked to get through the move! That’s what opening up the proper stability pathways does for a body … it allows the body to align itself, instead of us telling it what to do!!! Someone said “where are my shoulders, they feel like they are floating?” Ah I love what I do!!! I went in with a planned class, 1/2 way through changed it according to what I was seeing, and it was a great success!! Even my 23 year old nephew (first time melting besides hand/feet) text me later on and said, “That class was so amazing, my body feels so light, like a feather, and how beautiful it is to see you teach something so amazing!” Life is good, and btw, he wanted me to know he is coming to the rest of the series! I Love It!

Lastly, dance. Last night was my first night back in contemporary dance technique class/company rehearsals, and in over 20 years of dancing, I’m absolutely positive I’ve never moved like that before! Some things I noticed right away … warm up was easier, much more fluid and less strain and work to execute my movements! This is a big one, NO joint pain at all, I was tired, we were working our tails off, but no pain! I noticed improved agility (being able to command changes of direction fast then control slow transitions through), and quick, yet incredibly smooth, transitions from floor to standing to being airborne, all in one shot! I mean seriously, I actually felt as though someone else was moving my body through space!!

The next big tests were the drive home and my routine of MELTing to erase what I did in dance! … When I arrive home after the ten minute drive from the studio, trying to get out of the car, it is usually a given, my body feels like the Tin Man from Oz! Not good, but since MELTing with Length techniques for over a year and half, its much better, but it was still a small issue! Well, ladies and gentlemen, last night was different! I flew out of my car as though I was 10 years old again!! Halfway down the stairs I realized nothing was stiff or locked!! I freaked myself out … in a good way!! How incredibly empowering it is to say at 39 I have the ability to change the way my body ages and moves! But, surely there were at least one of the Four Common Imbalances we look for in MELT … I went to my Rest Assess to see where I needed to begin to erase what I had done in dance tonight. This is my usual routine after dance, and there was NOTHING guys, for the first time NOTHING! What?? . . . wait, I never have nothing after dance!! Usually, I at least have 2nd, big mid back arch, and 3rd, tailbone is digging in to the floor, but not last night! Even the back of my thighs were still on the floor, and they’ve only recently had a formal introduction during the Utah Strength Training in the first place!! For my MELTers we all know the challenge of getting the back of the thighs to weight to the floor, well mine were still there! Unbelievable!!!

The MELT length/strength class I did before dance kept my body stable, made it less work to move during class, and for you dancers, you know nothing is easy about dance, and I feel even better after class! When I woke up this morning, no aches!

I’m working on scheduling a class each Sunday in September to get you in and feeling how MELT Length/Strength can change how you move! I have two potential spaces for a Port St. Lucie class, a Palm Beach Gardens class, Stuart, and more to come! You can register for one or come to all, I’ll leave that up to you! I’ll send a notice as usual letting you know registration is open … watch for this by weeks end!

MELT Strength combined with length is simply blowing my mind!! Thank you to my teacher and MELT creator, Sue Hitzmann, for never giving up on your vision to help masses of people live better lives, and teaching us how to help others, because it is truly changing lives! I’m feeling so grateful to be a part of this work!! I’ll leave you today with the new MELT line on a shirt I bought . . .

Get In Your Body

Get out of Pain

Get MELTed!

Now to keep this newfound stability and ease of movement, I’m off to MELT …

Love and Light,




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