MELTed Self-Care Challenge Winners!!

MELTed Self-Care Challenge Winners

First, I must say we were so incredibly inspired by your creativity and commitment to your self-care, especially teaching the kids about self-care. What a fantastic life long gift you are giving them! You ALL make my heart smile, big huge smiles! It was a hard decision, but here are our winners for the very FIRST MELTed Self-Care Challenge!

These three winners please contact me for your prizes. @thedancingsoul

1. @Meltedmama – Leo, our melted baby was hands down the top FAV!!! What a blessing for that little guy to have been born into such a loving family and a brilliant mother who understands the role of connective me tissue!!! I can hardly stay in my body when I think of this blessing!!!!
2. @paviam
3. @niamoves

These three winners please contact Nikki for your prizes
1. @Vanessa.light
2. @Rebecca.carr.82
3. @ rachelsmiles

Thank you ALL again for sharing your time and energy with us and the social media world! I’m missing your posts already!!! Much love and light to you all!! Till next time lovely MELTers!! Happy MELTing!!!!#MELTedSelfCare #meltdoesabodygood #meltwithme#meltpalmbeach #love #loveandlight #loveandpeace#loveandinspire #instalove #instayoga #inspiration#instafamily #instahealth #inspiredyogis #selfcare#selflove #selfcarechallenge #heartandsoul#growthandchange #yogisofinstagram #igchallenges#igfamily #thedancingsoul #selfcarerx

Love and Light,


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