MELTed SElf Care, Inspired Yogis, and Yamuna's Joint Bruise Clay!

Because the bruising and swelling have transformed beautifully I went a bit more direct on my leg today.
In addition to working the back of my thigh, I added my inner thigh glide and shear (pictured here), and I was mindful NOT to use my toes as we do in MELT to maneuver the land of the inner thigh. Love and Light!
 “Never allow your mind to entertain thoughts of illness or limitation; you will see your body change for the better.” – Yogananda
Day ​5 ​of #INSPIREDYOGIS is to Fly with #Tittibhasana – #Firefly.

Here is my restorative version of flying today, #ViparitiKarani -#legsupthewallpose. I’ve decided while doing yoga, its best to have this smaller brace on rather than that heavy boot! That boot is certainly made for walking only!! ​Namaste

“Indian mind always looks to the whole. Treatment of disease is never to a particular energy center, but for the whole being sensing that person as a continuum. If we are thinking ‘part’ then we are giving energy to the problem. It is better to know wholeness.” – Dhyani Ywahoo in Voices of Our Ancestors


More MELTed Self Care for Healing! 

I was sure to get into the quad line during this move as well ( Pictured here)

The rest of my map included my hands, right foot, and a Lower Body Compression on right leg, The Rebalance with Upper Body Length, Single Leg Lift, and Rib Curl was so needed as my Autopilot has been working overtime!!!! Finally, I must say, the Upper Body and Hip Compression Sequences was a good last minute addition and felt AMAZING!

In one of my first trainings with Sue Hitzmann, she said, I’m paraphrasing . . .  If we give ourselves permission to go within and ask, what is it that you need from me, we will always get an answer.
This is how I determine what to do next, I assess and I ask this question, and I treat accordingly. It never fails!!
 My body would be so incredibly “jacked” up from this injury if not for MELT!!! The SHHH really really works!!

More Holistic Self Care Treatments

 The Essential Oils are incredible. You can read what I’ve doing with the oils and Homeopathy here.
I also bought my Homeopathic treatments at 1-800Homeopathy, I got it the next day!
I can’t believe how much better my leg looks! The morning after I started using them, I could already feel and see a difference! It is getting stronger everyday, and I slowly can put more and more pressure while in my boot!
Another fabulous MELT sister told me about Yamuna’s Joint Bruise Clay!
It arrived today, and I used it this morning! I put it on about 1/4 inch thick, wrapped it in Saran Wrap, then wrapped my ace bandage over that.
I left it on for 2 hours, but you work up to leaving it on all night if you can!  It is loaded with awesome natural ingredients, you must keep it in the fridge or it will mold, it smells amazing, and you can feel it working, so if it gets too intense you can take off.
The sensations in my leg were most certainly coming alive, I took it off after 2 hours! So far so good, I love things that I can feel working!
Thank you again to all the amazing healers who have shared there experiences and secrets with me. It is because of them, I have all this to share and am healing gracefully! It is truly amazing the power we have to heal naturally!
Love and Light!!!
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