MELTed Self-Care Instagram Challenge Day 3!

You guys are totally rocking this self care challenge. I’m so loving your posts, the creativity, and desire to share with others!


Here’s a recap of Day 3 MELTed Self Care and Day 17 of Flow It Together Instagram Yoga Challenge . . .

MELTed Self-Care Challenge Day 3: MELT Foot Treatment (Feet)

Snap a pic of the MELT Foot Treatment Foot or your favorite foot and ankle stretch!

My foot treatment today was the soft ball foot treatment, and I’m highlighting Position Point 2- on the big toe joint, and 3b – just below the big toe joint.
PP2 aids in releasing the back line of the body, and directly affects the skull, eyes, neck, and jaw. PP3b is a cervical point, releases the spiral line, and if its super sensitive it would be a good idea to do the MELT bunion treatment. smile emoticon
Be sure to check out my co hosts expression of the foot today over @indigokinetics
Let’s talk about the feet. They are our foundation (literally!), but we seldom think about them until they hurt. Our feet have a ton of neural input. They take in a lot of information about our environment and can even help dictate the alignment of our ankles, hips, knees and spine during movement.

Keep your feet hydrated and mobile. You set up your chances for better movement and less hip, knee and back pain!

Tag #MELTedSelfCare and @indigokinetics and @thedancingsoul
For local peeps use the hashtag #meltpalmbeach.

day17flowityogaDay 17 of #flowittogether is #utthanpristhasana#lizard pose.

I’ve always loved this one for opening my hips and connecting and balancing Svadhisthana (literally translates into sweetness) – the second or sacral chakra located in the lower abdomen. It has everything to do with our emotions, our ability to be fluid and adaptable, our ability to feel pleasure, to connect with others and flow with the rhythm of our own life. May you connect with the sweetness and no longer resist the currents of your life. Love and Light! Om Namah Shivaya.

“Emotions are energy in motion. If they are not expressed, the energy is repressed. As energy it has to go somewhere. Emotional energy moves us, as does all energy…To deny emotion is to deny the ground and vital energy of our life” – John Bradshaw

Namaste to the hosts and sponsors @chez_dzendolet @momwhatsfordinner @sandra_thornburg @jazzy_pro @omshanticlothing @malabella_jewelry @yogapaws @thepaprikashop


Love and Light,


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