MELTed Self Care Instagram Challenge!

Happy Wednesday to you!

There’s so much to share with you today.  As many of you know I began my first Instagram yoga challenge in January. It started as a way to help me heal and process my grief after my mother passed. It has also grown into a creative way for me to share with you, and the support from community is amazing to say the least!

Not only am I able to pass on what I’m doing on my personal healing journey, but its also providing many wonderful opportunities to highlight my favorite way to self care, The MELT Method. It has been inspiring for me to share my daily routine, but I also hope to inspire you to fine tune, or even begin your self care journey. The best thing we can do for our health and longevity is to check in to our body on a daily basis, notice where stress is building, and then treat it accordingly.

I’m so excited to announce that my friend and MELT colleague, Nikki Naab-Levy and I are hosting a self-care challenge. Its NOT limited to MELT alone, we want to know what inspires you! Its a perfectly brilliant and super easy way for you to learn more about self-care tips, tricks, and the favorite techniques of teachers from other movement modalities.

Below are the rules of the challenge, and a close up of each day’s highlighted treatment. In order to be eligible for prizes you must follow Nikki and I on Instagram and post a daily pic of your version of the days highlighted treatment. You’ll see its so much fun, and is a wonderful way to build a community of like minded individuals learning how to live healthy, youthful, and pain-free! And who doesn’t love prizes? See all the details below . . .

I will also be posting each day on my personal Facebook page, my business Facebook page, The Dancing Soul, as well as my blog. If you aren’t on social media and would like to receive the daily posts via my blog please sign up for my blog updates on any page on The Dancing Soul (you’ll see a box to register for email updates to the right hand of any page, do you see it?) –  you can unsubscribe at any time if its not for you!

Happy MELTing!

Love and Light,


MELTed Self Care Instagram Challenge

Welcome to the MELTed Self Care 14 day Instagram Challenge! Join us March 15th -28th, 2015

We’ll be posting these daily on our Instagram, but we know some of you like to look ahead, so we have included the outline of the challenge as well as a close up of each day.

6 winners will be announced on March 30th, 2015.

3 winners will receive a mini MELT Hand and Foot Treatment Kit and a MELT Hand and Foot DVD.

3 winners will receive a mini MELT Hand and Foot Treatment Kit and a MELT Method Book.

Be sure to follow the hosts and sponsors on Instagram @indigokinetics and @thedancingsoul




We’re thrilled to be hosting our very first MELTed Self Care 14 day Instagram challenge! We are inspired by our own daily self care routines and we want to know what inspires you to stay healthy, youthful, and active! We would like for you to encourage those you know who may be interested in joining us for this challenge.

We’ll be posting our favorite MELT Moves each day, but we are not limiting this challenge to MELT alone – there are simply too many beautiful ways to care for our bodies, and we want to know what you’re doing out there!

Every day, simply check in to our Instagram feed and this outline for that days self care treatment & snap a photo of yourself doing the treatment, or your favorite stretch/exercise. We hope this encourages you, and others, to check in for a little self care every single day!

“A little proactive self-care goes a long way toward keeping you pain-free and active for a lifetime.”

– Sue Hitzmann 

How you can join:

  • Follow @indigokinetics and @thedancingsoul on Instagram  –  We’ll be posting a daily reminder photo of each treatment on our Instagram as well as on our  Facebook pages at Indigo Kinetics and The Dancing Soul
  • Take a screenshot of the challenge graphic above and share it on Instagram using the hashtag #MELTedSelfCare and tag us @indigokinetics and @thedancingsoul. This gives us a chance to say hello and welcome you to the challenge.
  • Save the graphic above to your phone or computer for easy access- Grab a quick photo with your phone or right-click on the photo to save to your computer
  • Each day, snap a photo of yourself doing the treatment or your favorite stretch/exercise – Use an app with a timer to make it a self-portrait or grab a buddy to double the fun!
  • Tag us in your caption!  Tag @indigokinetics and @thedancingsoul on Instagram and add the hashtag #MELTedSelfCare
  • To complete the challenge and be eligible to win a prize, you will need to share one post daily centered around the theme for that day, including the tag @indigokinetics and @thedancingsoul and the #MELTedSelfCare.
  • Please note that we can only ship prizes within the United States.

 *** Close ups of the daily challenge graphics are posted below so you can plan ahead.*** 

#MELTedSelfCare Challenge Day 1: Get Hydrated

Day 1Snap a pic of your favorite drinking receptacle!

We all know that being hydrated is SUPER important. It allows for better metabolism, improved energy and can even brighten your skin! For optimal hydration, worry less about drinking larger volumes of water and more about sipping it frequently throughout the day.

Tag #MELTedSelfCare and @indigokinetics and @thedancingsoul




#MELTedSelfCare Challenge Day 2: MELT Hand Treatment (Hands)

day2Snap a pic of the MELT Hand Treatment or your favorite hand/wrist stretch!

It’s easy to take our hands for granted, but we use them for everything from small tasks like typing to larger tasks like carrying our little ones and supporting ourselves in advanced moves like handstands and backbends.

Since the hands have so many nerve endings, when we treat them, we can indirectly create positive change in other areas of the body like the mid back, shoulders and neck. We LOVE the hand treatment (and hope you do too!), but what’s your favorite way to give your hands a little TLC?

Tag #MELTedSelfCare and @indigokinetics and @thedancingsoul


 #MELTedSelfCare Challenge Day 3: MELT Foot Treatment (Feet)

day3Snap a pic of the MELT Foot Treatment Foot or your favorite foot and ankle stretch!

Let’s talk about the feet. They are our foundation (literally!), but we seldom think about them until they hurt. Our feet have a ton of neural input. They take in a lot of information about our environment and can even help dictate the alignment of our ankles, hips, knees and spine during movement.

Keep your feet hydrated and mobile. You set up your chances for better movement and less hip, knee and back pain!

Tag #MELTedSelfCare and @indigokinetics and @thedancingsoul


#MELTedSelfCare Challenge Day 4: Rest Assess (Assessment)

day4Snap a pic of the MELT Rest Assess or your favorite assessment or resting posture!

The yogi’s call it Savasana, but we use the MELT Rest Assess as a way to check out our alignment. Now, the rest assess isn’t for judgment, since ideal alignment is simply an anatomical model. However, it does allow us to heighten our body sense and track the changes during our practice!

Tag #MELTedSelfCare and @indigokinetics and @thedancingsoul




#MELTedSelfCare Challenge Day 5: 3D Breath Breakdown (Diaphragm)

day5Snap a pic of the 3D Breath from the MELT Rebalance Sequence or your favorite breathing/meditation exercise!

Did you know that your diaphragm is more than a breathing muscle? With every breath you take it works with the pelvic floor and deep core muscles to protect and support your spine.

Sometimes our diaphragm can become inhibited or sticky around the rib wall. We love the MELT rebalance sequence, because it restores proper diaphragmatic function and also helps our body gain a better sense of where we are in space. It also helps us tap into our parasympathetic nervous system for better stress regulation.

What’s your favorite way to find your breath?

Tag #MELTedSelfCare and @indigokinetics and @thedancingsoul

#MELTedSelfCare Challenge Day 6: Calf Glide and Shear (Calves)

day6Snap a pic of the MELT Calf Glide and Shear from the Lower Body Compression Sequence or your favorite calf stretch!

One way to rehydrate connective tissue and reduce the sticky spots or barriers in your tissue is through gentle compression moves like the MELT calf glide and shear. The calves are an important area to address, because they play such an important role in functional movement.

When our calves are stuck, it’s harder on our hips, knees and back to access good squatting and walking mechanics. Regularly opening your calves will make daily motions more efficient with less stress on your joints!

Tag #MELTedSelfCare and @indigokinetics and @thedancingsoul

#MELTedSelfCare Challenge Day 7: Inner Thigh Glide & Shear

day7Snap a pic of the MELT Inner Thigh Glide and Shear from the Lower Body Compression Sequence or your favorite hip opener!

The inner thigh is a powerful place to work, because of how it affects both pelvic and knee alignment. Treating the inner thighs will leave your hips feeling open and easeful and can relieve tension in the knees, hips, back and even neck!

Tag #MELTedSelfCare and @indigokinetics and @thedancingsoul




#MELTedSelfCare Challenge Day 8: Hip to Heel Press (Hamstrings)

day8Snap a pic of the Hip to Heel Press from the lower body length sequence or your favorite hamstring stretch!

The hamstrings tend to have a lot of restriction, because daily life involves so much sitting. If we compress the connective tissue of our hamstrings for too long, it can become dry and brittle and lose it’s extensibility, which contributes to low back, hip and knee pain.

The hip to heel press is a fast, easy way to juice up the tissue all the way from the foot to hip, which will improve hip mobility and decrease lower body tension and pain. What’s your favorite way to free up the hamstrings?

Tag #MELTedSelfCare and @indigokinetics and @thedancingsoul

#MELTedSelfCare Challenge Day 9: Bent Knee Press (Quadriceps)

day9Snap a pic of the Bent Knee Press from the lower body length sequence or your favorite quadriceps stretch!

For many of us the quadriceps are a power muscle that are easily overused during exercise and also locked short from sitting. Restricted quads make it difficult to access the glutes and can create low back and knee strain.

The Bent Knee Press as an effective, efficient way to open up the front of the thigh. Combine it with the Hip to Heel Press and you might feel like you have a new set of legs!

Tag #MELTedSelfCare and @indigokinetics and @thedancingsoul


#MELTedSelfCare Challenge Day 10: Tuck and Tilt Challenge (Core)

day10Snap a pic of the tuck and tilt challenge or your favorite way to find your core!

The MELT tuck and tilt challenge helps us balance the relationship between our deep core muscles and our hip flexors. It teaches us pelvic differentiation or how to separate pelvic motion from rib motion, which takes the stress out of our low backs and puts in where it belongs, in the core!

Tag #MELTedSelfCare and @indigokinetics and @thedancingsoul




#MELTedSelfCare Challenge Day 11: Upper Back Glide and Shear (Mid back)

day11Snap a pic of the upper back glide and shear or your favorite mid back stretch!

Many of us are prone to being stiff in our mid backs, because of repetitive postural habits like sitting. We adore the mid back glide and shear, because it is a gentle, effective way to bring back some movement to that sticky space and in turn some stress off the low back and neck.

Of course there are lots of yummy ways to open up this neglected area. We’d love to know yours!

Tag #MELTedSelfCare and @indigokinetics and @thedancingsoul



 #MELTedSelfCare Challenge Day 12: Shoulder Blade Glide and Shear (Shoulder Blades)

day12Snap a pic of the shoulder blade glide and shear or your favorite shoulder stretch!


Between time at the desk and the gym, It’s easy for stress to get stuck in our shoulders, particularly around the shoulder blades. The shoulder blade glide and shear is fast way to give this area the TLC it deserves and reduce the tension that we build there.

The bonus is that stress free shoulders don’t just feel better. The also set the foundation for better posture and less neck strain!

Tag #MELTedSelfCare and @indigokinetics and @thedancingsoul


 #MELTedSelfCare Challenge Day 13: Double Arm Reach (Pec Opener)

day13Snap a pic of the double arm reach or your favorite pec opener!


Many of us don’t realize that a lot of the tension that we experience in our neck and shoulder blades comes from tightness in the front of the chest and the arms, which can come from an active life like push-ups or inactive life like sitting.

The double arm reach is a simple, easy way to open this area and create more freedom in both the front back of the body. Major culprits in this arm line include the pecs and biceps. Do you have a favorite way for opening the pecs?

Tag #MELTedSelfCare and @indigokinetics and @thedancingsoul


#MELTedSelfCare Challenge Day 14: Base of Skull Shear (Neck)

day14Snap a pic of the base of skull shear or your favorite way to reduce neck tension!

You might have noticed that in MELT, we always work on masses like the base of skull or pelvis and not joint spaces like the low back or knees. The neck is no different. We start the neck release sequence with a base of skull shear. Why?

Joint spaces like the neck, knees and low back often hurt, because they are compressed stuck stress in the masses surrounding them. We adore the base of skull shear, because it juices up the tissue around major attachment sites that play a role in neck discomfort. They also set you up for success in the neck decompress!

Tag #MELTedSelfCare and @indigokinetics and @thedancingsoul

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