In the Moment with The Dancing Soul!

In the moment with The Dancing Soul . . .                                            

NYC is always a great date for a gal, and I’m certainly a woman in love with the energy and culture that is our beloved NYC!! Every time I go, I say to myself, “can’t I just stay here forever??????!!!” This time was no different. The city lead me on a beautiful adventure of culture, exploring a deeper inner peace through a float session, and learning from Sue Hitzmann while assisting the new MELT trainees on their journey of sharing this brilliant work of self-care.

It started off by attending a performance of  New York City Ballet – 21st Century Choreographers ... Stunning costumes and brilliant dancing!! There is something so incredibly liberating about how the body can express a full spectrum of emotions without a single word! I mean, how lucky are we to witness and explore the capabilities of these beautiful physical vessels we are occupying . . . go out and express or create something without the use of a single word today! You’ll be amazed how it transforms you!

Everyone, at some point in their life, should experience sensory deprivation . . . 

On the plane to NYC, I’m reading a magazine and see an article about sensory deprivation/float sessions. Anyone who knows me well, can guess what happened next. Yes, I immediately called and booked my Float session at Aspire Health and Wellness in Midtown!

A Float Attendant greets me when I arrive. She escorts me to a room upstairs that has a serene ambiance. It is a dimly lit room with a candle, a comfy chair, a table with water, a shower, and a pod filled with water and 1200lbs of Epsom/Sea Salts.

After you rinse off any oils or lotions, you put the ear plugs in, get into the pod, then close the lid/door, but you could leave it open if you’re a bit claustrophobic. Finally, you tell your attendant, via a baby monitor inside the tank,  you are in the pod. She turns the lights off inside, and then, BLISS!! You literally float for an hour in the pitch black with only the sound of your breath under the water! Sensory deprivation is so powerful that on the subway afterwards, the screaming children enjoying their field trip didn’t even phase me!! I was floating for days and days! At the very least, as I always mention in my MELT classes, sleep in a pitch black room for the health of your nervous system. Give it a fair chance to restore you from all the sensory stimulation you are exposed to throughout your day to day life!

I love learning, especially when it is how to further assist our journey towards living our best lives in our greatest gifts, our bodies . . . 

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to TA with such brilliant and amazing women!! The new 100 MELT Hand and Foot Instructors were so inspiring, and it was a pleasure assisting them on their journey!

Sue Hitzmann is truly an inspirational force in this world of Self-Care!! Life is changing, we are educating ourselves and awakening to much greater levels of awareness. We are realizing the potential of our own healing abilities. We are discovering what it takes to cultivate a life where we do what we love and thrive well into our elderly years with grace and vitality!

We are beginning to question those who tell us pain and injuries are simply part of the “normal” aging process, or nothing can be done about it! The thing is, our bodies are meant to change, to heal after injury or trauma, to thrive, and to move. We are quite capable of maintaining this throughout our lifetime, if the right circumstances are introduced! I know, It can be difficult to think of movement if you are in pain, or perhaps, it is more of an emotional pattern or trauma that you are dealing with, and it is presenting as pain in the body. Whatever the reason, don’t live with your pain, and especially, don’t wear it as a badge of honor to show how hard you work at your craft or job! Pain is our body’s way of telling us something is wrong and that we NEED to PAY ATTENTION to it! Its only asking for a little bit of skillful love so that it can help you navigate your world. Will you give it or ignore it?

I ask you, what would you do if you treated yourself to a class that could potentially change the way you move through the rest of your life? Would you do it? Would you make it a habit? Would you begin to look at treating your tissues like brushing your teeth, eating, and all other necessary self-care routines?  It is simple to prevent tooth and gum disease, to prevent malnutrition, and let me teach you how easy it is to treat your tissues so you can live your fullest and most active life!

Join me for a MELT class and see how easy it is to listen to your body. Discover what it is telling you by learning where stress is accumulating in your body, and learn how to treat it so that you begin to work together. After all, it has been just the two of you together for every moment from your first breath, and this will continue to be true until your last breath . . .  so why not begin nurturing the relationship to your best friend . . . click here to check out my schedule of classes!

Your best friend will thank you for listening and acting on its requests!

Love and Light,



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