In the Moment with The Dancing Soul!

In the Moment with The Dancing Soul . . .

Happy Holidays!! I hope this finds you in great spirits during this magical time of year! I love to look back at what the year has meant to me and how it has enriched and changed my life. One of the quickest ways to change our energy or mood is to note what we are grateful for. I’ve had many amazing opportunities this year to further my growth and expand my awareness of how to live our best lives! I’m amazed and humbled every day by all of you! Your desire to live with higher quality and authenticity continues to blow my mind! I’m extremely grateful you have trusted me to be part of your wellness and self-care journey! I’m in love with my new path and how my career has transitioned into this realm of therapeutic self-care. I’m inspired daily, and for this,  I thank you all!

When I look back at the beginning of the year, I had just finished my MELT Level One and Two Teacher Training. The excitement I felt to be able to share this work with all of you, especially those of you who’ve been with me for over a decade, well, to say the least, was hardly containable! I never taught a Pilates class the same after MELT came into my life. For my students, I know you were wondering what was going on, and I thank you for your patience with me during that transition! Early in the year I decided to leave my position as the Pilates Teacher at Nextera Health and Well-being. Instinctively I knew MELT was the next step in my journey, and would provide me the tools to truly make lasting changes in the way we are navigating our lives and dealing with, or not dealing with, all of our aches and pains!

After Pilates, I officially moved to MELT-land! In June, I spent the weekend at OMEGA Institute for Holistic Studies with Sue Hitzmann. It was a transforming weekend on so many levels, and you can read more on my blog about OMEGA here! In August, my life changed in Utah during my next level of advanced training, MELT NeuroStrength Level One! All I can say, mainly to keep this blog short, is to read how I changed the stability of my body, how I recover faster from dance, continue to get stronger, more stable, and move with greater ease.

Here are my two blog posts about Utah and the NeuroStrength work . . . By the way, if you haven’t tried it yet, I ask you, what you are waiting for? If you want to experience how easy it is to make changes in your body, and discover how effortless our bodies are designed to move and age, well, get into a class already friends! 🙂 . . . The Blogs,  MELT Blessings in Utah, and MELT Revelations in my Movement! 

Last, but certainly not least, I had the amazing opportunity to be a Teaching Assistant at The New Science of the Human Body Training in October in NYC! One of my favorite places and one of my favorite things –  NYC and working with others who are eager to learn how to help others live better, healthier, and more youthful lives! You can read about my experience as a Teaching Assistant here!

Dance is love and life . . .

My love of dance has been with me for over 20 years! I’m a dancer with AGWA Dance Company, a professional contemporary company here in South Florida! I’m blessed to have had many performances with some of the best women I’ve ever known! We participated in the Annual Dance For Food again this year. Its so rewarding doing something for others. It lifts your spirit to new heights, truly! I wanted to share a few pictures from our performances, well, because its my blog and I can do that, and we have the coolest costumes ever, which make for fun pictures! The picture from “Between the Lines” made it to the advertising world for Artists for A Cause … guess they liked our costumes too! Enjoy! AGWA

Dancers performing the number “Between the Lines” at the Ft. Pierce Magnet School for the Arts yesterday. Choreography: Anna Nunes. Music: Matthew Bellamy. Performers: AGWA Dance Company, Lake Worth; Tanya Clark, Jessica dos Santos, Christy Garnett, Rebekah Holbrook, Sarah Hollywood and Alexa Tiller.

Big News for MELT . . .

I’m so happy to announce there is a research study beginning on MELT and lower back pain!!!  For all of us MELTers, we know how amazing it is, but this is another level of validity for this brilliant work! You can read all about the details of this in Sue’s blog, One Giant Step for MELT!

Last chances to MELT in 2014 and the gift of hydration  . . .

I’m still available for privates in home, but this is the last weekend to MELT with me in a group class for 2014! Due to travel, a Christmas performance at The Lake Worth Playhouse, preparing for the holidays, and the general busy nature of the season, I’m ONLY holding two more classes this year. This Sunday, an Intro event in Port St. Lucie, and a NeuroStrength class in Lake Worth. Sad, I know, but I’m covering north and south counties so you have options. I’ve also extended the early bird discount to Saturday at midnight for both events! See how I did that? The whole ending with good news thing . . . ; )

Click here to register for  my Intro to MELT  workshop Sunday, December 7th.

Click here to register for my NeuroStrength class Sunday, December 7th.

Are you struggling with what to get your loved ones this holiday? I have a couple of ideas, hey sometimes I do have really good ones! Ever think of gifting them a gift certificate for a private MELT session or a group class? Email me if you’re interested . . . It would be an awesome way to empower those you love, or yourself, with a gift of self-care!

Wait, I have one more, this one is really good! Give the gift that will keep on giving back! You can purchase a MELT book, roller, the new hand and foot kit with the new soft small balls and flip cards, and the new hand and foot DVD. Yes, the Hand and Foot DVD is finally out, and its totally amazing with all its new footage and treatments! Any of these can be purchased through me directly or through the MELT Store here. They will be the best gifts ever. I mean, who doesn’t want to feel totally amazing . . . uhm, yes please!

As I close here for 2014, I want to thank you all again for your continued enthusiasm for living your best life, and for your unwavering trust in allowing me to help you navigate your world of self-care! If you’re on social media, please like or follow me to help me spread the word of self-care and wellness. You can find and follow me on social media by looking to the right hand side of this page, maybe scroll up a little, do you see it now … the links for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and all that social jazz?

Much Love and Light to you all this Holiday Season! Remember, we have only this one body for the rest of our days, there isn’t another person we will ever know more intimately, so listen to it daily, breath fully, and smile with your whole being whenever possible!

Love and Light,


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