In the Moment with The Dancing Soul!

In the Moment with The Dancing Soul …

I have so many great things going on this summer … from my Anti-Aging workshops and series, to upcoming spa immersions and trainings with my teacher and MELT creator, Sue Hitzmann!

Summer is upon us, and my Anti-Aging event this Sunday at Downtown Dance is the perfect way to welcome it …

melt_anti-aging_facebook_bannerJoin me and learn MELT techniques for reducing chronic pain and increasing longevity.

Learn the full facelift sequence as seen on Racheal Ray!

Learn a lower body map to hydrate your legs, to not only have them looking great, but performing brilliantly as well for all your summer activities! 

Then, join me in July for a 3 session Anti-Aging Series to expand on this event … includes a custom kit!

Don’t forget to check out my other classes covering topics like Stress Reduction and Easing Chronic Pain.

You’ll feel incredible, look renewed, and the beauty is, you can do it again, to yourself, the very next day to keep the results flowing! 

 Click here for registration …

I’m Going to Omega Institute to Take Sue Hitzmann’s 3 Day MELT Immersion …

I will have MELT and Art Therapy Retreats in the near future! My boyfriend, Guy Hoffman, is an amazing artist, and he loves to use Art as a means to open the heart and reintroduce you to the creativity of your soul! Coupled with daily MELTing and self care, you’ll feel re-energized and more intimately connected to your creative and healing potential! I’m lucky to have the opportunity to join Sue at Omega Institute in upstate NY, to ignite in me, more skillful ways of teaching you the art of self-care!

Skype Classes and More …

I’m totally excited!!! I’m now doing skype sessions from my home studio.

I encourage you to host a MELT party at your house, invite your friends, family, and learn the art of self care together!

Weekend MELT Spa Immersions. As some of you have inquired about this,  I’m now available for out of state or country travel. Contact me for pricing and details on all the above.

My Continuing MELT Training with Sue …

I’m excited to announce I’ve been chosen to join Sue Hitzmann for my MELT Strength Level One Training this August in Utah with focus on the Shoulder Girdle, NeuroCore, and Pelvic Girdle! It’s brilliant and all based off Sue’s hands on Neuromuscular practice! More to come on classes beginning in August!

Love and Light,


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