My New Crystal Singing Bowl

and MELT Classes

❤️ Namaste Friends!

I’m in heaven!!

I found my Quartz Crystal singing bowl! I’m totally in love! I hope my neighbors are too, LOL!! I knew the moment I heard this one, it was coming home with me! Its vibration is powerful and healing! The note is “F” which correlates to the vibrational frequency of the heart chakra!!! Thank you to The Crystal Garden in Boynton for being so amazing in helping me pick out my first crystal bowl!

You can watch a video over on my YouTube channel to get a feel for what it sounds like, it’s heaven!

Last but not least, my classes resume this Sunday. I’ll be hosting them at Downtown Dance in Lake Worth on Sunday’s and in Palm Beach Gardens Monday/Tuesday/Wednesdays!All the info and registration links are on The Dancing Soul ?

I hope you will come out to experience some self-care bliss, between the connective tissue work and the sound vibrations, you’ll no doubt be MELTed on so many levels! Tibetan bowls are said to be infused with a thousand prayers and it’s said Crystal bowls contain creation itself!

Did I mention I was in love? ? OK, yes I know, I did! ❤️✨❤️


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