New Apartment Essentials!

newaptI LOVE my new apartment!

I officially move in Friday, but I brought a few energy clearing essentials before moving into my new space.

Himalayan salt lamp, singing bowl, crystal cluster, sage bundle for smudging, an elephant, Ganesha, a yummy candle, some vino, and in my new melt space (aka the dining room where self care will happen) a zafu, yoga bolster, and of course a few melt rollers for the next few busy days!!

I’m so excited I’ll officially be “furniture free” in my new home!

Love and Light!

My Favorite Moon Tool ~ The Moon Is My Calendar

My Favorite Moon Tool ~ The Moon Is My Calendar

Have you ever wondered how the Moon's cycles connect to your own life and inner rhythms?   I always have. I remember the exact day when I talked to the moon and asked her to show me how she moves through me.   I asked to know her, her rhythms, when she was...

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